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"It's Jake From State Farm" and "Don't Have A Grandson With A Dog Collar".

Today, classic television advertising, marketing and memorable message recall happens a lot.

Often you canwicked witch hour glass repeat word for word like a song that stays in your head each scene's dialogue for a clever ad.

With the same degree of accuracy that happens when a catchy song rolls around in your head. You know the ones that stay in your system. That make your toe tap, cause a hum of the tune long after it airs and you plug in, absorb it.

The success is not because the message is so earth shattering important, relevant to making society a better place to live, work and play either. Like the Direct TV ads that insinuate if you don't ditch cable, this is going to happen.  

Something dark, evil, twisted, dire, sinister and life altering for you and your loved ones in a very bad way will unfold.

Making it way way more serious than third world poverty, hunger, disease. When your cable's on the fritz you get frustrated and it becomes a knock down serious first world problem

So the style, personality, humor and candor in your message approach becomes as important if not more than the product or service being peddled itself. Because you and I are human, not robots. And real estate is an emotional process. Handling the most important, largest investment the buyer and seller of real estate ever have to work with in a life time. 

How hard you work at the process, how much effort and creativity surrounds the real estate message determines the strength of it's signal. The reach and frequency of that message to be remembered by those exposed to it.

If you love the job of wearing the blue and gold "R" it shows.

But not everyone is cut out to put on the "R" pin. Are you some kind of excited to get up and out to the real estate office each day?

Do you reinvent the ever changing field of real estate listing, marketing, selling each day to keep it fresh, interesting, fun for the buyers and sellers? If not, maybe real estate is not the best career fit. It's not just a job, nothing ho hum about it. And like most fields, real estate is becoming way way more technical. And you keep up or get left behind the herd, eating trail dust. 

Real estate is a business. The buyers and sellers of real estate like you and I are busy people. They want information, you to provide them with something they could get on their own but lean on you because you raised your hand, volunteered for the job. Because you threw your horse shoe in to the ring and call yourself a real estate professional. Value added services because real estate is what you do. 

Hop In The Jeep, Come On, You And I Are Heading To Drews Lake, A Waterfront Property Video.

This is a pitch for real estate videos. Community local event videos. The buyer of real estate will tap in to all of those you can make. Because it is what they want, need, and only have some much time to get. From you or someone else in the market taking the time to save them steps by shooting, editing, rendering, uploading real estate video

Maine, she grabs your heart, offers you way way more than you could ever want to refuse. 

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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Comment balloon 32 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • February 18 2012 04:53AM
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