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2013 (Gasp) The Year You Kick Making Real Estate Videos Into Top Gear.

real estate video dolly

Finally, the dusted off video camera, tripod, slider, shot gun microphone, jib crane and editing software are going to be put into daily real estate property listing production.

To show and tell which is what the way overbooked, busy busy real estate buyer wants.

And will get from you or some other little red hen wearing the blue and gold "R" in your local real estate market. 

Why the fear of making your own real estate videos? I asked several local Active Rain bloggers that were sidelined on video what's up with that?

And even though Johnny on the spot on other real estate marketing tools, the video media outlet had been ten foot poled.

Left untouched and waiting. Abandoned.

Told by one AR blogger that there was no good, legitimate reason for NOT using real estate video really. 

There has been a major shift from the bankers hours approach to real estate marketing.

Gone are the days when the buyer waits until the 9-5 when the traditional real estate office was open for business for walk ins. The physical location of the real estate office is on line. No longer tied to sticks and bricks with the swinging office shingle out front.

The real estate buyer is not just local. The reach and frequency to razzle dazzle more eyeballs and ears drums withvideo clapper area information, property listing details means video is the fair haired real estate marketing whiz kid. By far more memorable, quicker information delivery using the show and tell two sense approach. Not read read read with a few images sprinkled in to round it off and think there, done. 

If you are not using real full motion with natural sound video real estate marketing, the buyer on the other end of the tin can and string, smoke signal is blind folded. Stop neglecting or teasing him and sign on to using video for real estate marketing.

If the real estate buyer is calling asking you to tell them about a property, or explain what it is like in your area where the listing is, the story telling one by one is not efficient use of your time. Show them the area with local community event videos. Reach more people, real estate is a numbers game and volume in our marketing wins the blue, red, yellow ribbons in the house horse race.

Tell them about the property listings as you take them around the local area perks near the real estate. Actually walk around the outside, all through the inside of the that place with your sign speared in the front lawn. Just like you do with every showing of property right? Yo already do it. Just the spread the word red light is not blinking to capture it for more than the one at a time approach.

Video is the one marketing tool that could do it all if you had to rely on one member of the band to carry the weight totally.

Could solo for the whole show. To deliver to the crowd that is willing to pay good money to spend some time as you make the transfer of information.

Because it is 24 to 30 "pictures" a second, it is sound from the property or area in your own words, with your voice. The buyer is transported, invited beamed to your home town. Not left outside the town limits and wondering, worrying, wishing he or she knew more than the yes, no, numbers on the quick down and dirty MLS insertion. That leaves out so much in a less than perfect, antiquated mass delivery system.

Ever listed a property that was not the standard 5-3-1 shoe box ranch and thought gee, the essence, flavor, full details of this property listing is not making it onto the MLS print out sheet on this one? And even with 36 image sockets, there are things about the property that distinguish it from the many others in the pack that are not being spotlighted. That need a little discussion so the matchmaking with the buyer can start to separate the listing from the herd.

you tube real estate video channelWith video for real estate you can tell them about the school two blocks away. The new roof and just installed heating system or updated plumbing, windows. Or granite counter top as you run your hand along it and point out the smooth, cool feel.

Real estate buying, selling is emotional, needs all the senses involved. 

The MLS insertion misses so many details that sure, if the buyer toured the property listing with you up close and personal you could remember to mention.

But what if you buyer is 10 hours or more away?

Not coming because of too many unknowns in the presentation you hurried threw together the same way you did it back in the 1980's?

Not wasting money on gas, so you lose your chance to get him to consider your area, your listing by just sitting back and toggling.

Being beamed to your home town with powerful video. Just a few minutes of time needed. For watching, listening with easy as pie real estate video.

Then you are left with local buyers alone. Less people to fight over that musical chair property listing. Less buyers, longer marketing time, expired listing and fewer trips to the real estate closing long conference room table.

Video for real estate added to the marketing arsenal of weapons. Make 2013 the year you make video your star pitcher of area and property listing infomation. Can't afford real estate video production hired out? You have been to the listing, sat around the kitchen table with the seller, know the property backwards and forwards so why not do it yourself real estate video production ?

WARNING: Your biggest critics of real estate video are not doing any.

It is how they keep themselves on the side lines finding fault with other productions as video gets out of the gate. Stretches its legs. Finds its place. Becomes the fastest runner in your marketing tool box by far.

The sooner you start, the more you get in the can, the better the results for real estate and area local community information broadcasting. To reach more buyers in a larger area than just your home town. Get that video camera real estate red light blinking.

Please find us, subsribe and follow our You Tube Maine real estate video channel.

Using Video For Marketing Maine Real Estate Property Listings, Area Local Events

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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