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Noah's Ark 100 Years To Build, Stock But Your Mobile Real Estate Site?


Mobile real estate websites that are leaner, meaner, quicker, nimbler to deliver the area information, the property listings to your hand held buyers.

The ones that are not plugged in, tethered or glued to a desk top.

Gleaning over your primary media stream websites. If you try to chain saw, liposuction your primary real estate websites to make them Jenny Craig, high school skinny, remember they probably were not created with mobile in mind. 

On our YouTube video channel for Maine real estate, more and more mobile access users tapping into the signal. Showing up as the trend. Greater numbers of mobile device visits of the work we create and put that video on line platform.

Because our Maine real estate office is not so much a fixed based local entity any more and we take our work on line to broadcast around the clock where mobile reach is key.

Through holidays, bad weather, no matter what is happening on our end, the stocked vending machine real estate sites are locked, loaded to shock and awe. To never slow the full throttle marketing for area and Maine real estate property listing information. 

Forbes Magazine reminds that most conventional websites look pretty crappy on a smart phone. Google is pushing mobile sites pretty hard too because a bad on line experience reflects on them if the information delivery is not streamlined, funneled down to make the delivery quickly, easily without any clunkiness, snags, delays.

Mobile responsive design for your real estate site is critical.

So the information delivery is seamless. So the switch to recognize the buyer came in on a hand held and is ta da, linked up with the pipeline designed for his smaller screen, limited controls with a tiny slide out or touch screen "joy stick" to play, get in the real estate game.

Making information easier to read on a small screen.

Knowing that a tap tap for those with a little tired eye sight to enlarge is all part of the mobile website considerations. Making the navigation pretty chocolate and vanilla choice simple and avoiding pdf down loads means the full feature real estate website needs a little brother. A junior partner for all those hand held devices being toted around out there along the information cyber highways that we all need to travel.

Because no mobile real estate website, no customer.

They come in, get disgusted, leave. So you end up with lost share maine hockey sin bin penalty boxof the big fat juicy real estate pie.

Because you were not sensitive to the way the buyer likes his real estate information delivered.

In the palm of his hand, not from a lap top, not a desk top only delivery needs to be made.

Or offering a combination for the buyer who is searching real estate on the lap top one part of the day.

But during a delay out in public, he whips out the smart phone to continue the search. Grazing on line in different formats, with different devices. Hand held and in need of a smaller flow information hose when he is away from the office, not at home. Out and about. Needing it all without any kinks in the delivery. Less space to work with, pretty tight quarters like a hockey penalty box when too many bad calls happen to your team during the period of a rough game.

According to Google your mobile device user wants your real estate site to load in 3 seconds or less. And not just load, but to showcase in a format designed for the smaller screen real estate size we have to be sensitive about, to build our sites perimeters around. The types of media we harness to do the real estate marketing is not just words, copy. But images, video, graphic charts, helpful links. Here what else Google recommends on mobile websites

All designed to be seconds count NASCAR quick, wind tunnel smooth to deliver.

But to also have drop down access for black belt users who are more savvy, want more if on a larger format than teenie weenie. And you are up for the task. maine real estate broker owner andrew mooersTo go toe to toe. To get more real estate sales which helps gain more property listings because of all those SOLD panels the owners see.

Clean, responsive mobile real estate websites is what every good REALTOR should be concerned about. Implementing in 2013 if they have not already "gone mobile" as The Who sang about years ago as so so important. Mobile friendly versions of your primary websites is critical. Don't put it off as long as Noah took to build that ark. To stock it with two of everything in male and female versions.

Maine, big state, find your place in the space. 

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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