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Rock Music, Good Coffee, Time Management, Maine Farm Raised Work Ethic.

houlton maine basketball gold ball

The tools to list, market, sell more Maine real estate listings, to peddle more property are enhanced skills.

Changing up, replacing the same old way of real estate marketing with new innovative ideas is true in any business.

And in your approach to life, outlook on living with a greater awareness of what is happening around you and me.

And trying to put that passion, to connect the local dots for the on line Maine real estate buyer, seller can happen so easily with videos.

Maine blog posts hammered out daily help too.

Not just the list and sell of Maine property.

Hard work is key but passion for what you do makes life comfortable or painful.

And in addition to right thinking, the positive approach to finding solutions to problems.

Rather than attacking the nearest person who is pinned with the blame of the situation, a strategy is important. To maximize the results and gain of satisfaction for you, others involved in the exercise called life. That often involves real estate in some form, fashion. Starter home, retirement house, recreational waterfront land acreage, apartment rental property listing needed to be bought or sold.

I find rock music spurs me on listing, selling Maine real estate properties.

Good coffee adds a spring in my step. And managing time with a sense of UPS driver don't waste steps, a come on hustle at work fuels the drive. To accomplish more with a greater satisfaction because cruising the facility looking for slack and a love for marketing are two winning daily skills to hone, sharpen, implement.  80 percent of your anything is done by 20 percent or less of the "professionals". Work ethic is being eroded, worn away. Because more and more kids never learned it, shun it, don't feel the good basking in the reflection of a job well done has.

maine realtor andrew mooersAppreciation for gaining pleasure from knocking down a stack of work tasks rather than wasted emotion in doing everything under the sun to fight, repel it. The earlier you can teach your kids the value of hard work and the sense of great inner satisfaction it can cause, the more distance your kids can have from others that have a negative approach to labor.

Or that only find joy in temporary, expensive material items that don't last. Need more quarters put in to keep the feeling going until boredom sets in. Depression following that and a wondering why happens. What is missing something this type of person can not quite put their finger on. And ears prick, zero in on advertising for "Change your life" themes appear on life radar.

I'm glad I live in Maine. Raised here and reside here. And with travel to outside places, always come back with a greater, stronger tug on my heart that I am where I can do the most good for myself, others around me.

(Slurp of fresh black Tim Horten's coffee) and after completing a Maine real estate listing, or showing a property.

Crank up the XM, sing along. Skip along quickly to the next item, appointment, task on the daily real estate list dog and pony. With rock music the kick in the pants needed to enhanced the day in Maine.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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Comment balloon 4 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • November 19 2012 12:24PM
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The tools to list, market, sell more Maine real estate listings, to peddle more property are enhanced skills. Changing up, replacing the same old way of real estate marketing with new innovative ideas is true in any business. And… more
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