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The Maine Real Estate Dog And Pony Show On The Road. Marco, Polo.

Finding more real estate buyers for property listings with your brand, colors of sign pinned to them.

Over the close to 33 years of wearing the REALTOR "R", the how we list, market, sell Maine real estate listings changed, evolved dramatically. Since the introduction of a little phenomena called the Internet, suddenly the rules on real estate marketing gave birth to exciting, dynamic new ways to promote.

The agents, brokers, REALTOR's local community "flavor". Coupled with the property listings up for sale in his or her home town. With just a sprinkle, a little "go easy" on the personal branding all a careful recipe to follow for marketing success. To end up with more property listings selection inventory. Tio win, earn more trips to the long conference room real estate closing table. The market is not just local anymore in real estate and the world is the new oyster, playground.

The only limitation is the old school blinders you continue to wear.

Put on out of habit or stuck in the mud thinking. That hold you back. It's like the song laments being the fastest runner in the real estate race and not allowed to win. But if you stay analog in a digital real estate arena, you fade away.

Bend down, tie those real estate marketing sneakers tighter.

There is a marathon you should be training for every day in real estate list and sell. With new twists, turns, hill and dales a head that make it a sport to be a real estate agent, broker, REALTOR.

Media expertise is key with the new and improved real estate professional. Ignore the exciting platforms to harness and work out in the field of real estate and you will be wearing a rusted, corroded blue and gold "R". A real estate dinosaur soon to become extinct. It is not sporting a plaid jacket, flashing pearly whites and puffing, bluffing. And being slick as salesmanp. It is about real estate match making, sensitivity to the needs of the buyer and seller and not moi.

The right property listing discovered because you listen to the buyer's real estate needs, budget or bank loan mortgage constraints. Going out and finding property listings that work, fit, exploring other options for them to consider.

Videos For Real Estate Fastest, Most Powerful Way For Listing Buyers to See, Hear About More Properties.

Try this one, what don't you like Mr Buyer, Seller? Okay, like a taylor in a custom made suit, how about this one with the extra bath and a couple other top ten items on the buyer's list of must haves in the real estate purchase. Fit better, now we are getting closer to the target.

A true salesman knows the product, service and educates. Does not use deception, smoke or glass or just flash a grin and just agree with the customer or puff him up, play him. That's why the real estate listings on your website, blog post splashes, the video embeds and image rich media Internet insertions but be A to Z complete. Delivered in an easy, predictable manner that saves time but clearly, quickly show and tells the other end of the marketing signal, the target we all want to hit efficiently. Over and over.

So an hour per real estate listing stocking the shelves for some of the Internet vending machine platforms all over the cyber landscape to energize, educate not an extreme.

Some syndication from the MLS is great. But roll up your sleeves. Get to work doing more home grown, beefed up marketing on line presentations.

Placed in lots of new niche audience locations with different approach real estate "ads". Geared to perk ears, get noticed out of the corner of a buyer's eyes in their busy shuffle called life.

We are competing with other life distractions as a real estate professional.

So relying on just the MLS insertion of yes, no, a line or two of what distinguishes this from other property listings machine mass production approach on the marketing information conveyor is not enough anymore. The buyer demands more, the real estate listing and seller deserve greater.

Shifting what you you do  is the new ritual. Not a couple lousy, hurriedly shot images from three seasons ago and a one size fits all two sentence remark. Maine, big state, friendly people, low cost real estate property listings.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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The Maine Real Estate Dog And Pony Show On The Road. Marco, Polo.
Finding more real estate buyers for property listings with your brand, colors of sign pinned to them. Over the close to 33 years of wearing the REALTOR "R", the how we list, market, sell Maine real estate listings changed, evolved… more
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