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The Sinister Side Of The Word Syndication | Mob, Mafia & Frank Sinatra Music

Some words have lots of other meanings and syndication is one of those loaded grenades.

Real estate frank sinatra photoinformation is not just spread around the local zip code these days since a development you may have heard about called the Internet.

Reaching more people, more often as cheaply as possible with your ROI of real estate time, commission check money.

Marketing is a numbers game in real estate.

Some real estate professionals spell syndication using an "R", "T", "Z".

Or a "YT" to bring in the marketing for all the heavy lifting. Videos with full motion sight and sound to get the job done.

But back to the actual word syndication. You might think of the syndicate. Getting your legs broken. Extortion, mobs, mafia, organized crime. And all with the sound of great Frank Sinatra classic music being played in the back ground.

But it is taking the MLS listings signal the agent, brokers, REALTORS generate after uploading the information, images, videos, maps and graphics on a new to the market property.

And hitching a ride on one large site that scrapes the information. Or taps in to a feed pulled from the mls that can bring more attention. Crank it up by adding more wind to your real estate "sales"

But it's all fun and games in real estate syndication until you get poked in the eye with your own stick.

Lots of banter about the manipulation of the feeds. Building a site with your listings you brick in to place to create the platform. Then excuse me. A tap on the shoulder to say pay me the owner for overhead, better positioning. Of your own listings. HHmmmmm.

Many "guys in the ties" posting feature stories behind the pay walls. On platforms monetized for contributed information, blog posts the same way happens.

Heck we live in America. Land of Chevy, apple pie, pick up trucks, red white and blue Horatio Alger rags to riches stories. The kind country songs are wrapped around for heart and soul lyrics. Lots of opinions yea and nay about synidication when examined under a cyber blogging microscope.

But it all boils down to amplfying your real estate marketing signal. Building a rocket in your own backyard to create stand alone on line marketing should be in your advertising goals too.

But hitching a ride on free larger real estate sites where other agents, brokers, REALTORS herd is part of the marketing music for the big box one stop shopping Disney Land on line experience.

Or even paid consideration of enhanced sites, add on features to tweak the signal more for flirting with greater numbers of extra eyeballs, ear drums of real estate buyers. Or fine tuned smaller segments of the audience but more suited for the kind of real estate you market if not just house or home. Or certain types of sticks and bricks.

Like the many additional "transmitters" we wire up to make the real estate marketing signal outdoor recess loud. Not just using our indoor, local area "voice". So not just the room knows about that new property listing. Or price reduction on the one we posted last week. That is now a blue light special shoppers. (Ding ding ding in aisle five, hurry.)

If joining one site gets your 350 other sites like Mother Earth News, Field & Stream and other venues chalked full of folks that are excellent candidates for cheap, low cost Maine land, why not take advantage of the boost in reach, volume of the signal?  If the cost, if any, the time to aggregate, pull together real estate listings from around the web is the latest, greatest, add it to the dance routine.

What are your thoughts about syndication, the pros, cons, ups and downs of turning up the real estate marketing fuel pump?

Strapping on, adding a NOS tank. A big easy to reach button for higher speed, longer reach real estate, local community marketing? Maine, she's drop dead gorgeous, friendly, four season beautiful, needing no artificial enhancements, make up. | 207.532.6573

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