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Spotted A Few Active Rain Real Estate Agents, Brokers You Are So Glad Are NOT In Your Market?

Punching the time clock at the Active Rain blogging factory... as you work the platform, hammer out the blog posts on real estate related topics, you meet a lot of players.

local maine parade watchers

Movers and shakers, and even slackers in the real estate industry.

And some Active Rain members you rub shoulders and converse with almost daily.

Others, you have never had the pleasure of a continuous engagement, back and forth direct sharing.

But you are aware of them, their work, style, personality and even humor or lack of.

Out of the corner of your eye you are picking up information.

Forming an impression as their blogging posts radiate. As they try to entice you to come in to their blogging tent to make a comment, acknowledge them. It is no different than a real estate agent or broker in a local community where a property owner has not had an experience in a sale or listing yet. But based on the clean car, number of property signs, the layout size and approach of your ad. How fast you list and then screw on SOLD sign riders, they have an opinion.

Without the two of you ever shaking hands, sharing words of any kind.

They know, they sense, they see and study. Sometimes subconsciously, other times more intently when they are approaching the need for real estate services. To list, sell something with a property title recorded, describing it in the local registry of deeds.

The Active Rain member you admire, learn from on this platform might not be such a Johnny or Jane Fun To Go To if they practiced real estate in your market. Because they are way way better, run a tighter real estate operation in this, this or that area. Your friend on AR where it is warm and friendly, cozy might not be so much fun to do marketing battle with wielding a saber with the "R" on it in your local zip code.

We are all thirsty, hungry for new, more efficient ways to deliver the information about the local area we serve, the property real estate listings we market.

We are here on the AR campus to learn from others in real estate trenches in varied markets where no two are identical, exactly the same. Have anyone you are especially glad they do not practice real estate in your market because of their skills, success? Who, why? There are the areas where there is weakness in your real estate marketing operation to work on. The wrinkles, the slack that needs adjusting, more attention dedicated to the listing and sell dog and pony.  Maine, if you come here, better have practiced your waving. We use video in Maine real estate and local area marketing in a big way.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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Comment balloon 26 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • September 29 2011 07:39AM
Spotted A Few ActiveRain Real Estate Agents, Brokers You Are So Glad…
Punching the time clock at the ActiveRain blogging factory… as you work the platform, hammer out the blog posts on real estate related topics, you meet a lot of players. Movers and shakers, and even slackers in the real estate industry. &… more
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