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In Hockey They Call It Playing The Weak Side Of The Ice, In Real Estate Same Applies.

As you mingle, casually mix and circulate around the Active Rain real estate blog post circles, you hear a common murmur, whisper.

maine hockey players Focus on more customers, lead generation is part of the buzz.

And probably a little too much watching what others in your real estate market do and same old same old duplication.

When if you lifted your head, cranked it 360 degrees, you would find a clear path for more trips to the real estate closing long conference table in your market.

The direction and course not many or any are on.

The weak side of the hockey ice arena is something novice, atoms, pee wee and bantam hockey players are drilled on, reminded of and taught to be on the ever vigilant look for. It is way easier to pass the puck to the player away from the crowd.

To work, move that black circle up the ice arena to outside not through many players with different color jerseys on that happen to be buzzing around you.

Where there is way way too much traffic, bodies, sticks and skates.

Don't do the real estate like its always been done, the way anyone else that pins on the blue and gold "R" does in your local zip code. And think customer.

Get up from behind your real estate desk and go sit in the chair in front of it.

Really, just sit there for ten minutes. And as a real estate buyer, you quickly realize the approach to take as an agent, broker, REALTOR is getting his list of wants satisfied.

Less micro managing, analyzing your real estate operation and more time, creativity, resources just put in to simple delivery of the information for your property listings, the local community area you service.

If the focus becomes feed, delivery to that real estate buyers, the rest falls in to place. And remember with programming, broadcasting if we have three shows on in the seven o'clock time slot, and two of them are cop, crime genre shows, anything else showing will win the ratings for that time period. Because the cop, crime shows are duking it out. Going after the same piece of bread. Not skating on the weak side of the ice. Banging heads, not making much movement and splitting the audience that it is after in half, or more. The sit com on channel three wins the Arbitron or Nielsen ratings at the end of that programming half hour by default.

Decide to do your real estate marketing differently. Not weird or far out crazy. But creative, more detailed and better delivery of property listing information, local community events being the top of the list emphasis. Not meeting and meeting disecting this IDX and that lead generation because you miss the point. The guy and gal driving this real estate dog and pony show is out in the audience. See him, talk to him, leaving the nuts and bolts of the real estate machinery secondary. And his or her thirst, hunger primary. The local customs, traditions vary on how to reach that buyer too depending on your real estate market characteristics, dynamics.

Maine, big state, bluer skies, cleaner water, friendlier people.  

Doing Maine Real Estate Property Listing Marketing Differently Video

I'm Maine REALTOR, Independent ME Broker Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573

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As you mingle, casually mix and circulate around the ActiveRain real estate blog post circles, you hear a common murmur, whisper. Focus on more customers, lead generation is part of the buzz. And probably a little too much watching what… more
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