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Active Rain Blog Post 2400 - Programing Real Estate And Harnessing The Media Streams.

Content, weeding and feeding the Active Rain blog post platform and creating other media stream insertions to ring the bell on line.

Providing something for the the website, blog, video bots, spiders, search engine index radar bloodhounds sniffing you out to earn several slots on the first page index.

Exposure, the kind that is good, far reaching, constant and with a strong signal. What we do to promote active rain logo chickletthe local area flavor, to introduce folks on line to the people who live in our zip code is non stop. The information conveyor belt for the real estate property listings also spins freely. Hums and whirls like a flywheel with lots of horsepower.

The days of telling your real estate property owner that you are on the Internet does not share the rest of the story.

Can you be found on line?

And just being on the Internet is not enough any more as every one is on line somewhere. It's being everywhere from the four corners of the Internet connected.

Stocking the information shelves with copy, helpful links, careful SEO considerations.

Adding a dash of imagery tagged maine early morning highwaycorrectly and video with the same care and attention you would give a blog post here on Active Rain. Or on your outside blog(s).

Marketing real estate and being skilled to broadcast, reach further with frequency means media 101 training.

And never being done in that department as the technology grows, changes, streamlines, evolves.

It's not just arriving at the value of a property listing and planting a real estate sign anymore.

Not just knowing about financial products to help the buyer get a loan on a home you just listed.

More than being well versed in say waterfront shoreland zoning regulations. Or serving as the local tour guide with a buffet of well assembled local information, showing  the ins and out of every particular area you serve.

Stocking the information shelves about everything under the sun from your local perspective. So the on line real estate buyer that is not just local anymore can compare notes.

He knows his area clearly but yours is fuzzy, far from crystal.

Missing much because of lack of experience from limited time spent in your zip code. Media understanding of all the options available and how much time, money to invest in those individual information streams is a school class that never ends. Does not break for summer. You never graduate from this real estate marketing college.

And you keep up, or get left behind the rest in the real estate herd. Don't take better images, post more of them along with video, sharp concise helpful copy loaded with links, maps, details details details unique to each of your property listings and local community events, the seller will find someone else wearing the "R" that does. Maine, have more fun under bluer skies with brighter stars and four season natural surroundings.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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Comment balloon 9 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • July 17 2011 09:14AM
ActiveRain Blog Post 2400 - Programing Real Estate And Harnessing…
Content, weeding and feeding the ActiveRain blog post platform and creating other media stream insertions to ring the bell on line. Providing something for the the website, blog, video bots, spiders, search engine index radar bloodhounds sniffing… more
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