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Opening Doors, Pulling Some Strings And The Ability To See Around Corners. We're Talking About REALTORS.

A multi talented, trained by real estate market fire with up and down cycles the agent, broker, REALTOR is a unique animal, cat, character.

Driven by passion to match make real estate buyers and sellers. To get the two groups together to exchange property listing house keys, swap names on the deed land titles. But before that to totally scope out and know the new property listing backwards, forwards, inside and out. Harnessing the media streams to feed the information pipeline using imagery, copy, maps, helpful time saving links and real full motion video to tag, fuel the guy or gal on the other end of the signal.

Many call a career, life in listing, marketing, selling real estate a sport, affliction, disease, but never a hobby or luke warm endeavor.

Real estate agents, brokers, REALTORS are also the movers and shakers, over achievers. The very active local community members of the towns and cities where they plant their signs, peddle property listings. Words that don't describe the group wearing the "R" are lazy, unorganized, uncreative or non enterprising, not resourceful. Can do, make it happen with whatever it takes over the top attitude and energy means this group is fueled by passion, driven to do more than "good enough".

Not every one has what it takes to wear the REALTOR "R". I'm just saying. If you are thinking of listing a maine tourism promotion buttonproperty for sale as a seller, or kicking some tires on some real estate to purchase, own, check our how the agent, broker, REALTOR does what he does on line.

There is a major difference in the on line real estate marketing experience. The extremes go from a few fuzzy images, skimpy not telling much about the property copy, and zero for real full motion video to pull it all together. To a variety of media delivery platforms to present the information on the property, the local community where it is located and the process of getting from real estate buyer to becoming the new owner.

Before you list a property for sale, scope out the professionals selling real estate in your local market. Because that is exactly what your real estate buyer is going to do. If you don't do some home work, some surfing on the Internet where 85% of folks go to buy, learn, find out anything, your life is on hold, time is wasted waiting for a sale that does not happen. And then having to change up real estate agents, brokers, REALTORS to find a new one that will deliver the punch the property selling process needs. Maine, own a piece of ME.

Real Estate Marketing Full Throttle, Wide Open, Using All The Media Streams Available.

Using ME Real Estate, Local Maine Community Event Videos | 207.532.6573

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Comment balloon 5 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • July 23 2011 09:28AM
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A multi talented, trained by real estate market fire with up and down cycles the agent, broker, REALTOR is a unique animal, cat, character. Driven by passion to match make real estate buyers and sellers. To get the two groups together to exchange… more
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