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Rock Paper Scissors ... Maine Real Estate Listing, Marketing, Selling A Little More Involved.

Red rover red rover send that Maine real estate buyer right over.

Or finding the right Maine property listing is amonopoly game tad like music chairs when the tunes stop and you gotta have a roof over your head to live under.

And slim pickings with a major clock ticking sound radiating from your head.

To avoid sleeping in your car or moving back in with mom and dad.

Couch surfing at friends houses.

Listing, marketing Maine real estate is a little like the kid's games we played growing up.

The hop, skip and a jump from the initial listing showing to clear the rest of the hurdles along the way in the Maine real estate property closing game.

Roll the dice, take your chances, flick that game spinner and hopefully go ahead a space or two.

The tenant or owner of the Maine home may have a delay getting out so you can move in. The title to the property could be messed up or a survey issue is causing heart burn. As the "get a house take another turn meter" starts to rack up additional charges you did not plan on. As you head in to the property listing Candy Land game of lots of chutes and ladders. You may find yourself playing "Mouse Trap" except make that lead in "M" an "H" will you?

Buying a Maine real estate property listing should not be a game of chance. But it does take serious skills on the part of the real estate agent, broker, REALTOR that unfolds the game board. Hands out the individual game pieces of the real estate game. Keeps the blue and gold "R" as his own. Deals out the get a card when you land on the right place.

Sometimes the house of your dreams is one you decide to kick the can on.

To be forced to up and forget... pushing away from the real estate game board.

Moving on because the drama, intrigue in the mystery behind the scenes is too much to wait through for the buyer or seller that need to get moving, relocated.

The real estate hide and seek game sometimes happens because of lack of candor in the transaction. Other times from skimpy details, images, lacking video and essential maps to complete the treasure island discovery of the map to finally get the property listing bought and sold too. But all would agree that finding the right place, property listing you can afford, that makes your pulse increase with excitement, passion should not be an eeny, meeny, miny, mo process.

The dog and pony game of pin the real estate earnest money on the property listing should not be one you go in to blindfolded.

I'm just saying with Ricky Bobby all due respect.

When you are lucky enough to find seemingly two identical properties you are qualified to buy, like, then it may get reduced to flipping a coin. And being glad there is more than one place to consider in your price range. That is a horseshoe dead ringer on the yellow legal pad top ten list of property requirements. Your "must or must not haves" clearly spelled out in red sharpie. Maine, no other place, people, nooks and cranny as unique out there. Hey, it's your turn. Come for a day, stay a life time and wake up, start that life dream.

Monopoly, Just A Make Believe Real Estate Game Right?

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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Comment balloon 5 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • July 30 2011 10:09AM
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