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"Yes", "No" And Fill In The MLS Real Estate Property Listing Space Fields.

If you relied solely on the MLS real estate software to really toot the horn on your new property listing, it would be more like playing chop sticks for the audience's attention.

bar harbor maine night photo

For a standard 5-3-1 shoe box ranch, the MLS quick questioning, fast paced under a bright swinging light can do an adequate job.

To cover a lot of property listing ground snap dab pronto.

Johnny on the spot efficiently.

But lots of spaces about cathedral this and fireplaces that don't get used.

Or many real estate agents, brokers don't bother to fine tune and check out zero in. You can get top to bottom through the fields quickly. Slick as something through a goose.

But some information is MIA by hurry scurry MLS input feeding.

Partly by MLS platform design and industry standardization.

Often even when using all the check offs possible, you can pull away from the MLS console thinking boy, that does not begin to stratch the surface on this property listing. Because it's about mass assemblage. Getting lots of property listings quickly on the MLS highway and in, out of the toll booth gate. On down the information Internet highway.

That is why the other instruments, elements of a the media real estate listing presentation have to be brought in after the musical tuning up.

The images are even more critical to "say more" about the place that the mls interrogation interview leaves out.

The first, lead in Rudolph image I call it is extremely critical. Because without one creative, interesting shot or collection with a little headline teaser to say come here, lookie lookie, the sea of other property listings come in and out like the crashing rolling tide.  The real estate buyer never gets to turn the picture book page, wander in to gawk around your marketing tent to see what else the place has to offer.

The real full motion video goes further to splash light, give fresh air to what the MLS leaves out or only quickly hints at.

Video smooths out the unknown wrinkles, shows how the pieces of the property, community and neighborhood play out, go together.

With natural sound from the property, the real estate video viewer, listener gets more information collected by his eyes and ears. To supplement, add in a big way to what the MLS "yes, no and maybe" with some number fields thrown in leave out. Sure you have a small remarks field and I find after the directions are succinctly squeezed in and hunt, peck tapped out, why not weave in another feature or two that is not going to get in the property spotlight in the mls dog and pony. Looking both ways, seeing the coast is clear to use the left over 20 spaces that are pretty precious on the MLS field configuration, set up. | 207.532.6573

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