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Real Estate Marketing, Do You Resist New Ways To Do It, In A Rut?

We are all creatures of habit, but in real estate marketing of our properties, the local communities to reach buyers who have never been here, new ways to do it are key.

maine lighthouse It's vitally important to constantly consider what if you implemented this method?

Revamped your old way of doing it that may be antiquated. Or just too time consuming for the return on investment.

Stand still and you will become a real estate dinosaur wearing the rusted corroded "R", slid way under the marketing bus.

Hit, run over in traffic by others that embrace change to do the real estate dog and pony show better, with more efficient use of time and money.

How you look at change could help it happen too. If you are busier than a one arm paper hanger, something extra to consider could make you become a little snarky, testy. Thinking no way do you have the time, money to go through the learning curve to change the way you always have marketed real estate. One more ball to juggle with your one hand can not be considered as any new idea is squashed, squelched, quickly dismissed. But if backing away from old methods that are not getting the results in real estate marketing they used to so you can replace them with a new methodology runs a tighter more efficient ship, why not?

That's why staying tuned to the Active Rain blog post watering hole, snack bar of information is critical.

This is the forum, venue where everything and anything real estate related is tossed, bandied about.

The outlook that a real estate agent, broker, REALTOR does not have the time to add or change one more thing in their busy, over booked day means the flexibility, needed slack to adjust to the curve in the road ahead is dangerously missing. It becomes a red alert warning situation.

With air raid siren importance maine hockey goalthat you can not afford NOT to consider any and all new techniques to do a more efficient job delivering the services real estate professionals are relied on to provide buyers and sellers of property listings.

A good trial lawyer defending his client who is charged with a crime that could mean years and years in the crowbar hotel with three hots and a cot takes this approach.

It is his or her job to help the judge and jury consider did they ever think this, this or this was the case behind the scenes? Has everyone in the room with the bailiff and court reporter looked at the situation from this angle, taking this motive approach. Consideration of the situation from a whole new perspective. Usually to create doubt which there can not be any off when the judge says it's time for the guilty or not guilty verdict at the end of the trial.

What new real estate marketing methods are you toying with and what is keeping you from taking the next step to get them out in the daylight? Plugged in and bolted to your real estate operation signal? Maybe you can not afford not to change, to consider this new method will actually save time in the long run. Add another helping hand to the real estate balls you juggle from sunrise to sundown in your job of wearing the "R", the hardest workng by far letter in the alphabet bar none.

To me, I have quickly found real full motion video delivers the message on our local community flavor. youtube logo chickletAnd to quickly, easily using he eyes and the ears of the real estate buyer get him or her in to my zip code, my property listings on the drop of a hat. Instantly available on the real estate buyer or seller' time frame. Not mine. It's not a 9-5 job anymore of selling real estate. Remove the barriers keeping you from pulling down more market share in your zip code, time zone.

Turn up the heat, fire under your blogging platform too. Information is the gas that fuels the marketing machine. Feed the hunger, thirst from real estate buyers, or Joe and Jane Surfer will find someone who does. Don't ever get comfortable, stay competitive and make what you do, how you do it the best available.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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