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The Active Rain "Tilt Light" That Flickers On And Off... Think I Know The Problem.

As real estate professionals that list and peddle properties of all types, we often get exposed to from stratch building, not always rehabs, remodeled homes.

new home studded interior From the ground up construction where all the 2x4's and higher dimension lumber widths point skyward like fresh fished out of the grease McDonald french fires.

The natural wood color, no paint, smell of home construction lumber can get you excited.

It's not a case of a carpenter with a utility belt loaded with tape measure, nail pouch wearing safety glasses tearing out an existing structure.

You know the old house rehabs where you undo, make do, re do and patch it together the best the budget with allow.

Brand new, like the Active Rain platform design was many moons ago. Back when a handful of Active Rain bloggers signed up, started assembling recycled electrons. Grabbing a mouse and taking to the open cyber highway. Not so polished, not so aware of SEO, HTML formatting and how to embed a video link or position an image after resizing it. Full of something, with a lot of vinegar, vigor. Spunk and sheer drive, passion.

Sometimes it is fun in the beginning where we all learn together.

Where when you look around at other real estate blogs showing up on radar with plenty of spark, momentum you find you don't have any others horses like that in the race track gates.

We have all seen the home built to specs, from a blue print designed to be a family residence. But when a new buyer purchases and has had a little success in his life career, he decides to raise the RPM's of the home significantly. Add substantial additions. Plow in lots of green stuff to create the redesigned home in his head that only he sees in the beginning. Designed to be improvements but all after market bolt ons not thought of active rain logowhen the original 5 - 3 - 1 rancher was first built. Or came off the assembly line in the case of a modular home. We've all toured them, seen the box of construction job receipts ker plopped on the kitchen table where we begin the home listing process. I know the money was spent, is in there but often the renovating is not done yet, not over. Because the seller ran out of money. Or suddenly realized he or she were way way over their head. Never going to recoup all the dinero  invested to this point of no return. Time to cut the losses and half horse finish up the house.

Here's my spin on the Active Rain from the sidelines observation, ten cent analysis of the blog platform malfunctions, glitches, dead air spells. The original platform did not envision the growth. The cost for the software engineers to build the blogging rocket ship only provided for a trip to the moon and back. But we've left the solar system, busting at the seams with over 207,000 Active Rain blogging members. Lots of valuable post information stored in the bloated hard drive in the cellar. Boatloads of images, videos tacked on to those literary contributions from around the blue and green marble.

The gasping four cylinder gas engine is made to labor like a double trailer diesel truck heading through the Rockies.

Engine lights blinking, system gauges pegging out, dancing wildly in to the red section of the dials.

Too many development teams with dreams touching the throttle, short cut re-wiring the thrusters of the rocket blogging ship. andy mooers ice cream coneAdds ons to enhance the experience here at Active Rain during the flight. But not originally designed, thought of in the first set of blueprints.

We've all seen the real estate website built for dial up, very simple and see Dick, Jane, Puff and Spot.

But eventually needing a brand spanking new platform website to mirror technological advances. Taking it to a whole new level easier, simpler and with a lot less code.

I think the comment the Active Rain system was bloated, retaining fluid causing congestive blogging behavior failure made us think.

This is something serious, more major like maybe something to do with that shudder, vibration earlier when we hit that iceberg during dinner with the violins, strings in the background.

Vacuuming the Active Rain system sounds like purging, control alt delete and a simple reset to whisk away the fat, junk, lint, floating space debris.

But cyber liposuction may help temporarily for a quick fix to address the symptoms. But is a new migration to a bigger capsule with more bells and whistles what is vitally needed to keep on the blogging trail marked with AR logos, directional signs? That's gonna cost more than two books of green stamps. Off shore consultation with a whole new rotating staff of doctors. Or like too many cooks in the kitchen stirring the pot? Or no one in the kitchen behind the lime green curtain and the gas turned up way way too high under the chowder? What are your thoughts as the natives gathering at the grapevine to put two and two together? We've all "built" this Active Rain blogging platform with lots of hard work, sweat and want, need to see it grow Get healthy. Let us in on the problems. We're all adults in the room with broad shoulders, to receive the memo wearing big boy and girl pants that aren't rubberized, that need regular changing. Yet.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573

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Comment balloon 16 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • May 10 2011 05:33AM
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