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Occupational Hazards Of Listing, Marketing, Selling Maine Real Estate.

Listing property and in that hour and a half process at the kitchen table of a new Maine real estate home offering being gassed with two and a half packs of second hand smoke.

hour glass

Hitting a Maine moose returning at night from showing two homes in the country.

You see the dark colored four or more sets of legs and think oh oh, here comes one 1200 pound or more hood ornament that is going to leave a dent.

Maybe causing a quick red light revolving trip to the Emergency Room of the closest Maine hospital on a stretcher.

Hazards on the job of listing, showing and selling Maine real estate.

In 31 years listing, marketing, selling Maine real estate have come across a few on the job hazards.

Showing a Littleton Maine home and discovering the renter did not get a new place for Rover the Rottweiler who wakes up from a nap. Discovers us as he comes out of the master bedroom in a long dark hall and yours truely has four people log jamming the escape out of a boxed property canyon is a memorable event. Nice doggie, that's a good boy as he wakes up and is back on the job that pays him biscuits, dog bones and stratches behind each ear.

Protection of the Maine property listing foremost in his mind and who is this guy wearing the blue and gold "R"?

What the heck is he doing in my home with out my owners, the renters here?

Empty unheated homes in a Maine winter with no power and flashlight trips to the cellar. Watching out for maine potato truck loadice from busted hot water heating and other plumbing pipes so you don't slide down the cellar steps.

Or reaching back to catch yourself from falling and tearing a shoulder rotator cub.

Not just the Red Sox players that have professional atheletes on the disabled, injured  list here in the "Nation".

Dark coming early in the winter months and backing out of a driveway with snow banks in a white Jeep can make the on coming traffic snow blind too.

Water from spring thaw in a cellar where the drain is not open, plugged. And discovering the up to the third step high water as you descend in to the cellar. Needing to roll up the pant legs, remove shoes, socks and considering wading across to switch on the sub pump. But wondering about electrocution in the process for the out of state owner who is counting on you to protect the place, get it sold. No matter what it takes.

Occupational hazards, risks of the job just a few we are careful about as a Maine real estate broker for 31 years in Aroostook County, the best place on earth to live work and play. Follow our 300 posts in the MeInMaine blog. Or our close to 600 real full motion videos at our Maine real estate channel. Clearing the lungs, did not list this Maine home this morning with a gas mask... (Cough).

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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Comment balloon 8 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • May 19 2011 11:44AM
Occupational Hazards Of Listing, Marketing, Selling Maine Real Estate.
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