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Houlton Maine Home On 8 Sunnyside Street, Near Schools.

Big yard, quiet location and only a few blocks from the Houlton Elementary / Middle Schools make this 8 Sunnyside Street Houlton Maine home shine brighter.

houlton maine home photo

Add to it the recessed lighted natural wood kitchen.

Room after room of maple hardwood floors, original trim, doors.

Is your Maine home buying interest increasing, on the rise?

There's a garage, with overhead storage that is more like a carriage house.

Screened in open porch and the day of the home video you could definitely hear the wind chimes.

Maybe picture yourself drinking something cold, taking a break, sitting on that porch.

Houlton Maine is a safe, vibrant Aroostook County community parked right up against the New Brunswick Canadian border. Lots of lakes, modern hospital, no crime, more four season beauty. Image link for this Houlton Maine home. Toggle the Maine home video, take the tour.

This Maine home is vinyl sided, dotted with new tilt in windows with the same no paint ever needed houlton maine home backyardmaintenance. Metal roof means any snow "whooshes" and is gone.

No need for roof rakes, ladders.

No fast stretcher trips to the Emergency Room.

When you take your first solo flight and slip playing Santa with a shovel on the roof either.

This is a Houlton Maine home where all you do is move in, buy groceries and start exploring the four season beauty of Aroostook County.

Maine, wake up, start your dream. Finally a place your heart and head are on the same page, in agreement 100%. Get here quick as you can. Follow out blog. Study the other Maine videos too. And please, ask boatloads, tons of questions about the property in Maine, or just community related Maine questions. That's is why we are here. I am a big personal fan of the state of Maine and ready to roll up my sleeves, help you find out why.

Maine Real Estate Broker Andrew Mooers, REALTOR


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Comment balloon 2 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • April 13 2011 08:22AM
Houlton Maine Home On 8 Sunnyside Street, Near Schools.
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