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Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs Pin On The Real Estate "R".


Diamond mine work is way way off for the Seven Dwarfs with marriage knot tying at new lows and Snow White becomes a designated real estate broker.

seven dwarfs snow white

But SW has to be very diplomatic. Spread around the talent she has to work with and tries her best to build a successful real estate agency with the seven little guys. Need help remembering their names?


Think two S's, two D's, and three emotions. Here's the way Snow White's logic works.



- The hardest to fit in to the organization if you think just bring me your best for listing, marketing, selling real estate right? But Snow puts him in charge of the rental collection arm of the real estate operation. "Pay you stay, don't you won't" is Grumpy's motto. Renters know going in not to mess with the grouchiest but Snow's most devoted dwarf.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker



- The youngest, sweetest, silliest of the seven in colorful clothing. With a lime green tunic, purple cap he is the only dwarf with no hair, no beard. Snow decides to have him up front at the reception desk to meet and greet as the most clean cut. Pleasant phone manner but destined for the company fitted blazer to replace the baggy mining clothes. To serve, entertain the real estate buyers, sellers who have to occassionally sit and wait in the reception area for the next available agent.



- The only dwarf wearing glasses, with a long beard and looking so distinguished. Snow did not hesitate a moment in what his role would be wearing the "R" in this new office. He was an easy pick to handle the luxury arm of the real estate operation. Considered the most intellectual of the bunch and able to grab a pipe, lean back and pause during blue blood real estate showings to the elite. And say with perfect timed wisdom tid bits, jewels, gems. Like "few ever get to know this level of luxury" or "only the cream of the crop get to consider owning the pick of the pack, best of the bunch". Stroking egos and reminding these luxury real estate buyers that they were a cut above. Anything but average when it came to being able to peel the cash and buy the most expensive listings up at the Diamond Landing, Fairy Tale Place subdivisions for their McMansions.



- The roundest, largest of the dwarfs with the long white beard was the most productive of the real estate agency. Why? No games, no scripts, working long hours gratefully. Treating real estate like a sport, passion and loving the people he served. Helping them match make the property they could afford with the inventory of the MLS, available listings. The brownish two tone tunic and yellow hat had to go though and he too was fitted with extra material, a custom blazer hand stitched by Snow White herself.



- His hands behind his back, eyes upward, shoulders slightly raised. Sporting a purple tunic, magenta hat with white hair and beard. He helped first time home buyers who were also nervous, overwhelmed by all the banking acronyms, abbreviations. His sensitive manner, anything but overbearing ways seemed to comfort these new jittery buyers. Snow found there was a chemistry, they connected at a personal level like "we'll get through this home buyer business together". Needed each other, a mental partnership through the process of getting these green, new young buyers a set of house, cottage keys. The Dale Carnegie seminars helped Bashful along with winning the first quarter office production award for most sales, under contract deals.



- One finger under his nose most of the time meant Snow had to keep him in the background, in second level support. Putting up real estate signs, adding sale pending, reduced, SOLD riders. Running to the registry of deeds for copies of legal descriptions, survey plats. Re-keying apartments for Grumpy after rental tenant evictions. Doing clean up and pretty skilled at shooting stills and videos. But still the other dwarfs defended any claims he had a nose candy problem. Calling it just severe allergies and living in the wrong climate to keep him in the background but contributing just the same. His sneeze stifling ways were no problem with others as long as he was kept busy on projects out of the public sight. He was a loner and preferred working alone any way.



- The drowsiest dwarf always looking perpetually dog tired, ready to doze off. He was the biggest challenge for Snow White, the DB of this operation. Better aviation grade coffee helped, so did more strenuous exercises to increase his pep, stamina. But a big part of the problem being in the diamond mine so long and the darkness of the shafts. Long days without sunlight affecting Sleepy the worst of the little miners. And causing depression that made him just want to go lay down. All the time. Effecting him the most, and no he did not have mono Web MD research discovered. So corner real estate office with the southern exposure. Plenty of sunshine and his name on the door. And he learned to get outside, actually knocking on doors, farm canvassing neighborhoods on foot. Becoming the office listing king. Nothing like a properly priced new listing to wake you up, put a perky spring in your step he would tell other agents at state REALTOR annual meetings with a twinkle in his eye. Boredom with his old mining job could put anyone to sleep right?


And that's the Brothers Grimm fairy tale with help from Walt Disney and the Active Rain adaption to the real estate story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

The movie first showing on the silver screen in 1937 with the drop dead gorgeous Snow White and the lantern and pick axe swinging Seven Dwarfs. | 207.532.6573

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