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Be A Sport, Get To Maine To Do A Little Camping.

Sporting camps in Maine, they are not just for wearing that tacky orange clothing, toting mega powered guns and combing the woods looking high and low for Bambi and his white tail friends.

prism colors "Camping in Maine" is a loaded statement. Lots of folks scribble dates on  refrigerator magnet calendars to remind them of upcoming vacations in Maine. To hike, bike, swim, sail.

Climbing on snowsleds, ATV four wheelers or throwing a fishing rod over their shoulder, grabbing a tackle box with their free hand. If they are boating the 6000 waterbodies, because we are far enough north to literally be in Canada, after the day is done  they need a place to stay. To get up and do it some more tomorrow in Vacationland with brightly colored kayaks. Pushing boats or canoes off shore. Hopping in to get out on to the Maine lakes, rivers, ocean front. Or floating your boat in one of many many ponds in Maine.

Now watch the slide show carousel series of images coming up on the over head projector.

(Click click as slide changes, lights dim) That's you chained to the office desk, in the striped tie wearing the Valentino men's suit or Nine West lady's dress. (Slide change.) Your air supply being cut off, oxygen deprived and lungs laboring, pinned to the wall by the same desk. (Click click) Phones ringing in an over booked, hurry scurry schedule. (click click) maine lake photoRacing to more upper management meetings.

Fighting a loosing battle of the bulge with an inner tube of fat forming around your mid section.

(click click) Gaining weight, losing hair from the stress.

Eating the wrong items in too large a quantities at the worst possible time of day or night. Is something missing in your life?

You're a mess with lots of material spoils littering the landscape. But bankrupt in the life areas that matter most.

Can we have the lights now Jimmy?

What if you turned the tables and did a 180 degrees with your life wagon train? If you moved to Maine, the proud new owner of sporting camps near Oxbow Maine.

Catering to every Tom, Dick, Harry or Jane, Jill and Suzy who need to run away from work.

To change the green screen scene behind them in a land of locked autos (bleep bleep), heavy traffic, gangs, noise, and zip for elbow room. All the time. You are the host and hostest with the mostest to make sure these campers leave happy.

Not just hunters during a season that comes and goes quickly. But executive maine moose pondretreats, church camp outings, sporting groups organized for any of the four season recreational options Maine is famous for. Check out this Maine wilderness woods sporting camps property listing.

Watch this Maine movie, see if you are in it. Or should be, could be.

Need more options along these same lines?

Toggle the movie for Ashland camps, approaching 400 acres on a Maine lake, with circa 1936 set of hand made log cabins.

Or something wilderness but with a polished flare, style and completely different approach.

See yourself living in Masardis Maine on the Aroostook River. Working with out the suit and tie. Playing in the Maine woods. Kick start the video link.

May just Maine land with nothing built on it is what is in order, needed to put your life back on track.

Let's try on, explore the Maine listings to see which ones fit you. Let's talk soon how to loosen up that tie. youtube chicklet logoOr ditch the designer dress. Helping you give a big heave ho push. To get that desk jaws of life away from the office wall where you work now. It's all starts right now with the home work you do to see what's what in Maine.

To begin the life change to get more of what has been lacking, less of what put you in this mess where you live, work but don't play now outside Vacationland, the Pine Tree state. The one up here in the right hand corner far enough north to be in Canada.

Maine, the side effects are very healthy. Discover more of Maine, what you have been missing for way way too long.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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Be A Sport, Get To Maine To Do A Little Camping.
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