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Purple Ears, You Get Them From Too Much Time Spent On The Grapevine.

Reputations are made and lost over night and sometimes the news surrounding the person could not be further from the truth.

grape vine Why?

Grapevine news gathering where your ears get purple.

The plump juicy titillating news can be exciting if you are a gossip and don't have enough drama in your own life. 

Have nose problems and stick it where it does not belong.

Can't help it.

When the dirt is not about you, someone else you barely or don't even know.

Spun in a tale that is fun in a sick twisted way. 

It can be down right boring if you are a busy happy camper but the subject of the personal attack.

Have not got time to clarify or add gas to the reputation fire you might try to put out too. 

You have a fifty fifty chance folks are going to like you when you are in the sales arena for real estate, a widget, service you provide.

It takes hard work to deliver the knowledge of a product, service or provide helpful area information to save time and money for the guy or gal on the other end.

You can step it up, do it better and gain another twenty five percent of the following and can suddenly be up to 75% of the folks like you and what you do, stand for and how you do it. But then there is that last 25% hold out group.

Some in the 25% who you do not even know when you live in a small enough town or area have opinions.

Ah yes, opinions based on nothing but spun just the same. Added to like a pot luck supper gathering where a little bit comes from everyone with time to kill and something to add to the gossip cauldron. Stirred, spun, added to and often just wanting to be in the know when the conversation with the coffee clatch, klatch clutch, is your turn to contribute something, anything. Take your pick on who or what. Or add to today's pin the tail on the reputation donkey.

The group of crows that gather to get the latest update on talk, lively character damaging, reputation kicking about other people, their lives, supposed habits, quirks.

Many times the extra log thrown on the reputation fire is due to a misunderstanding you did not have with the person talking, that you do not know. It was because of an agenda from a friend who feels crossed and will put every last dying breath and effort in to tearing down another individual. Wants you to hate them too.

Of course no one in the real estate industry is tainted, slanted, built this way when you wear the "R" proudly. But this just in, there are others out there not so hot about you, your family, performance in the community, career. But that is okay. Sometimes it is because of events earlier in the other person's life that make them see red, black. Sometimes you did make a few wrong life decisions early in life but the longer you are on the blue and green marble, find me some one who doesn't stub their toe occasionally.

We're only human, we're suppose to make mistakes Billy Joel sings right, remember?

Worry less about other people's opinion and focus on what matters most. Your family, being the best in your career, having some time for hobbies but realizing you can count your best friends on one hand usually. That is enough if all the other areas of your life are balanced, healthy. So your ears, are they purple? Have you been spending way way too much time reading the Grapevine Gazette? Maine, simple living, the people fewer but friendlier and a tad outspoken. But most of us have our heads screwed on straight, tightly and the rest of the country could benefit from the low cost, don't over spend way of four season outdoor lifestyle.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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Reputations are made and lost over night and sometimes the news surrounding the person could not be further from the truth. Why? Grapevine news gathering where your ears get purple. The plump juicy titillating news can be exciting if… more
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