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If You Pulled The Fire Alarm Of The Active Rain Head Quarters Building, How Long Would The Response Time Be?

You know how you monitor your operation, emails, just not probably to the point of a surveyance camera like an often robbed convenience / liquor corner store in a bad neighborhood.

active rain logo  Ever wonder how long the response time for an Active Rain request would be? Like hailing a taxi in the rain without the option of standing in out of the down pour drenching water? Try it. Blog post on a topic that is Active Rain wired, charged and count in one thousand one, two, etc. You might be surprised how long or if an AR staffer caught the smoke signal. Reacted. 

If you have been sitting in the aisles of the Active Rain bus for a while, watching the wheels go round and round so to speak, you catch things out of the corner of your eye. You see Bradster, then you don't. You see an image or a short video produced with a winning Kodak from a contest splash the glass castle Active Rain headquarters on the tube. You see a new face, realize it is an Active Rain staff tagged post and then you don't after a few insertions.

The piliot series canceled. Not renewed for a new season.

And then you experience technical difficulties...please stand by. The problem is not in your set. A long time of outage where we all scurry to the Facebook Active Rain page like lighting candles during a thunderstorm when the power goes out. While somebody scambles for loose change in the sofa, return of empties to monetize the platform so a better, consistent no power outage blogging experience results. Returns so we now join our regularly scheduled program already in progress.

I think a poll of Active Rain itself, and of the congregation, membership would serve a lot of purposes. Information is powerful.

Wouldn't you like to know more about the 203K membership, what these guys and gals as a group think about this, are doing about that?

As a group, not hit or miss single shot, but a gatling gun efficient, in black and white statistics. How they handle their day to day marketing, purchases, issues of all colors, shapes and sizes in the poll. Or that come out of the poll remarks. The stuff not blogged about enough in a sea of real estate copy and paste market dry as sawdust reports. Or the just one image and the other stuff and puffs, hit and runs. Report from the AR herd on a variety of topics. And not found by looking, searching for one by one blog posts on the subject. Or one well written but with only three comments. That is not the engagement we could have that a poll of Active Rain would cause, create to study and learn from on lots of levels. What do you think? | 207.532.6573

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Comment balloon 2 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • March 09 2011 10:01AM
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