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Your Real Estate Marketing, Green Circles, Blue Squares, Double Black Diamonds?

The simpler the better in most things but if not enough time, no creativity and lack of caring or passion happens in anything, the end result is weak. Or not at all.

colorado ski mountains

 Like instead of fresh ground hot black coffee, the cup you cradle to start your day is more luke warm.

Tastes like water with a brown crayon dipped in it.

 Vending machine, mass produced and lacking, anemic in horsepower.

The terrain and obstacles can make the delivery of your real estate message harder. But it's that way for everyone in that market. The market itself can change. Up and down, twists and turns. And running an operation that is lean and mean can get you through the thick and thin. Show what you are made up.

No one would argue with if you are built, wired for what you do in the real estate field, it is because the work is a joy, like a sport.

Not all drudgery and you look forward to getting up each morning.

Think about the things you want to do today at work. Othewise, you may not be cut out for wearing the "R", the hardest working letter in the alphabet. Maine, big neat state, but today find myself in Frisco Colorado for some snow skiing with college sons on break.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, Broker | 207.532.6573

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Comment balloon 2 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • March 17 2011 11:32AM
Your Real Estate Marketing, Green Circles, Blue Squares, Double Black…
The simpler the better in most things but if not enough time, no creativity and lack of caring or passion happens in anything, the end result is weak. Or not at all. Like instead of fresh ground hot black coffee, the cup you cradle to start… more
No Striped Tie, Not Being Pinned By An Office Desk To An Off White…
You are a Maine registered guide, showing hunters and fisherman where to head for memorable vacations. Or suggesting hiking trips at Baxter State Park and Mt Katahdin. The other mountains around Maine's highest Katahdin. Snowsledders come in for a… more
The Maine Real Estate Office Phone Cord Stretches, Reachs All Points…
You can run, you can not hide from your real estate daily excercises because folks wearing the "R" are connected everywhere they go, find themselves. You can mix work with pleasure because we're connected, available all the time. … more
US Border Patrol, Customs, Immigration Numbers Swell Since 911 Along…
Shortly after 911 happened, 70 new Border Patrol, Customs, Immigration employees signed on for duty for the port of entry, border crossing in Houlton Maine. Suddenly 55 new kids in our local schools in Houlton Maine where I list and sell ME real… more
Granolas, Back To Nature, Growing Your Own Food And Wearing Coveralls…
Having the land in Maine to grow your own food, raise your own beef, some hens to create eggs that are farm fresh is a good thing. You may whine and wince about the price of gas spiking and taking more of your weekly paycheck but think about food. &… more
It Hits You When Stuck In Traffic, Surrounded By Lanes Of Honking…
As Jimi Hendrix wails Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire you realize you are in a major life rut and need some land in Maine. Maine is that missing fire, lacking spark. A spot to run away to, where these fist shaking motorists banging on the… more
A Video Continuous Talking Interview Like Holding You Head Under…
There is nothing that makes you restless and debate mouse toggling out of a real estate video than the agent, broker as a talking head that goes on and on. All alone, nothing around him or her to look at or add to the video experience. No matter… more
Local Maine Science Fairs, Anything To Do With High School Education…
The new US Border Patrol family is heading to the Houlton Maine crossing and have questions about the local schools. Real estate brokers that shoot, edit, render and upload videos can show these folks with guns and a badge the area on the map they… more
Grasshopper Say "If You Build It In Maine, They Will Come"…
Your on, step up to the Maine land buying plate and take a swing at this already weather tight shell of a home. Hammer time to finish off to your taste, at your speed, completing it with your creativity, sweat and ambition. Involve the family… more
Adding A Kink To Your Real Estate Marketing Hose To Shoot Further,…
You know how you are washing the side of the house, a car and the water's pressure not quite enough to blast the dirt and grime off? Do you ever put your thumb over the end of the hose, or add a gun or small kink in the hose to build up the pressure… more