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Real Estate Buyers, Sellers Off Their Meds, Suddenly Not So Mentally Stable.

Calls, visits, emails to a Maine real estate office get lots of colorful folks in the buying and selling equation.

philosoraptors This morning a call from a lady who owns four lots left to her from a deceased girlfriend. Over the last two years we have heard from this lady who is hard to keep focused off and on.

And talking just about the real estate, the lots and not rabbit trails in her personal life takes a steady hand.

Each call we have to set her straight on the town the Maine land is really in, avoiding arguements when she is insistent it is really four towns way.

We remind her we tramped all over the Maine lots, have images, videos clips to edit, deeds and tax bills copied and just never get the listing paperwork back.

The paperwork needed to start the Maine MLS insertion, marketing locally and way way outside for her four Maine land lots.

We have sent her listing paperwork a nuumber of times and then everything goes dark.

Calls, emails, letters don't get responded to and we go on to other tasks in our real estate marketing day with other buyers and sellers of Maine property.

Until she resurfaces again. She is not just loopy, but agitated angry, spacey.

If someone is not of sound mind, they can not get a notary to stamp, witness a deed that everything is above board and not going to be challenged by a sibling, son, daughter, mom or dad.

Today a call again from mom, two months ago a call from a son who explains mother is not stable. She told me today her son is not to be trusted. Junior saying a little less harshly or barbed mom is simply off her rocker. Mom today telling me she had a scrape but then wisked to the hopsital with what was diagnosed as a heart attack. Was "put under" for three weeks and junior took over the reins and not in a manner she climbing mt katahdin baxter parkappreciates. Then I get asked legal questions and have to remind her I list, market, sell real estate.

I need all the parties that own the real estate in Maine to sign on, be part of the process regardless if everyone sends each other Christmas cards or not. 

It's not Spock like or uncaring but kept simple.

I love all my owners, buyers of real estate. Work hard to get along, make solutions to property sales happen.

It is a challenge, a sport, important work. I don't enjoy, or take time to get involved in squabbling history on how rotten a son is, or how evil and twisted mom was for a child growing up.

When legal questions come up on the process of who owns what, who is the custodian or guardian ad litem we get legal beagles on board. Referred to know the what's up, where we go from here. When someone is off their meds or just plain going down the insanity, not so sound mind slippery slope, we tactfully step aside. Or state we need this, this and this or can not do that. One family member wants an ally. To know what the others involved on the title are up to when there is no communication on their end. But when more than one is named on the deed, you need to be a Dr Phil to rally the troops. Or realize there is major division, mental falculties in question. Lawyers, the courts may need to be involved before you the real estate agent, broker, REALTOR can start your exercise, role in the listing, selling of property.

Maine, one big state, with friendly folks, gorgeous 4 season scenery.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, Broker | 207.532.6573

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