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Reaching The Point Of Exhaustion. Ready To Give Up.

Maine locally grown food is some kind of delicious. Impossible to resist.

Turning your back on it is futile. Whether steamed lobsters, ocean fresh water clams, mussels or a famous baked potato loaded with the extras your doctor says "uh uh ahhhhhh" that every six month visit. Maine, she'll grab your attention with her wolf whisle stunning ways you'll not be able to look away from. But she'll seal the deal through your stomach.

Hot out of the oven Maine blueberry pie with hand made, slowly turned and churned grape nut or whatever your favorite Kryptonite hard to resist local dairy ice cream flavor choice. Farm fresh sugar and gold corn, raw brocolli spears dipped in your favorite dressing. Realizing now you pushed away from the last meal setting a little premature, way way too early?

Maine, you'll love our eye candy, the views the four seasons of natural drop dead gorgeous beauty. But her ways in the kitchen, out in the pantry with home made baked beans, breads, salads and locally grown beef, chicken, lamb and fish will make you drool too. Maine, I am a big personal fan.

You'll test positive for the same condition when you come thinking it's just for a day. And you end up staying a life time.

If you are not happy where you live now due to gangs, crime, noise, unfriendly people pushing, shoving and are trapped treading for all you are worth in "polluted water, breathing the same kind of air" call or email, text. Let us hear from you. You don't have to stay in that over priced, always looking over your shoulder zip code outside Maine. Bail out. Pull the rip cord. Say Uncle in that one major "don't give a hoot about others" area you not so proudly call home now. Hurry. Well, grab your coat. Move it. Shake a leg. Let your friends, family, co workers know you are bee-ling to Maine. The state with elbow room up here in the 4th lowest crime corner of the country. Let me send you a map with a not so complicated set of clues, helpful links, bread crumbs to get you from there to Vacationland. It's almost time to eat again. Can you hear the dinner bell you have been starving for? | 207.532.6573

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Comment balloon 4 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • February 27 2011 03:09PM
Reaching The Point Of Exhaustion. Ready To Give Up.
Maine locally grown food is some kind of delicious. Impossible to resist. Turning your back on it is futile. Whether steamed lobsters, ocean fresh water clams, mussels or a famous baked potato loaded with the extras your doctor says "uh uh… more
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