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Planting A Garden Is Not Scattering The Seeds Helter Skelter, Same With Real Estate Blogging Posts Rotation.

blog rotation post color chart

When you blog on Active Rain, any of your sister media platforms, it pays to have a system.

To make sure each type of real estate listing type, local community event, cross pollenation topics are front and center, represented in proportion.

And that groups within a group get their exposure to the blogging post spotlight.

Otherwise it is what ever comes to mind first gets thrown against the blogging wall to see if it sticks.

The coverage, how much and when like a garden that is designed for planting the early varieties in this section.

So the spreading out later veggies can move in to that "real estate".

Later when the space, vacancy opens it up for the cucumbers, squash in the growing season. Orientation, southern exposure considered too. Taller plants over here on this side where they won't shadow the short ones and starve their sunlight "tanning". Gut feeling part of how you fly the real estate cyber ship in being flexible. But actual rotations to make sure all your objectives are met. Nothing is left out or over done and neglected in your over all objection makes you think, plan, administer. To begin to meet your marketing objectives clearly, consistently.  Custom made for your unique local real estate the Colonel's eleven secret recipe herbs, spices, ingredients.

Where did the idea come from for the mix where each color represents something for real estate blogging building blocks, components, like vitamins for a balanced daily blog experience? Rock station I announced at in early 9 year radio career before real estate's 31 year span wearing the "R" full time. The green was new music on the half hour rotation insert. Reds were hot top tunes rotated every two hours and fifteen minutes. To make sure the drive time guys and gals heard one or more. But also to consider the listen all day types to get the highest quarter hour Arbitron ratings. Golds were classics that had the memory power of past fun times in listener's lives. Another color represented an "image song" to broaden the audience further. To hit the fringe for expansion of listeners, over lap music genres and straddle the fence a tad. This was before a zillion signal stations, options, XM, Sirius, ear buds plugged into ipods, youtube music videos, MTV, etc sources for tunes.

Other colors were songs wearing thin as hits but still in rotation but every four hours or more.

The way you blog, what you blog and when, is it just hap hazard?

Or do you have a system, rotation to make sure it is balanced and meets the objectives for your marketing? If you don't too much of this type, missing that type gaps happen. And the tendency is to just blog on what you enjoy. When weaved in, you need some that you don't find so much fun, easy but which helps your on line image, marketing punch, reach, frequency for better results. Same applies to your properties, listings advertised in the weekly newspaper ad. If you don't think, plan for the process, the same ones hit the press week after week, and others that need to appear are benched, forgotten in the last minute hurry to hit the deadline. Not running a tight ship but one with lots of slack, hit or miss. Not the way real estate professionals roll these days to stay in business right?

Maine, one big state. Wake up and start your dream here.

I'm Maine REALTOR, Broker Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573

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