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Excuse Me, Hope You're Not Eating, But We Need To Talk About Maine Soil Tests, Septic Systems Leach Fields.

Rural states like Maine and country living mean private septic systems for waste disposal.

And although notmaine lake photo the most exciting titillating subject for lively discussions, especially around the dinner table, things get dire if that leach field for your private septic system stops working.

Or frost works a rock up under the pipe to your septic tank and pinches it off.

Stops the flow from the plumbing in your Maine home to the back lawn.

And everything that should be coming out suddenly backs up and well, not a pretty picture.

Sometimes it's not a problem with an existing Maine septic system, but the need for a soil test, HHE 200 four page design paperwork for new construction.

Starting from scratch to have a working, properly designed Maine septic system to handle 90 gallons of water per day per bedroom.

Or replacement of an existing system which around the lakes in Maine is so important to protect the natural waterfront resource. Shoreland zoning soil tests for septic systems around Maine lakes come with beefed up, stricter plumbing codes to follow.

But when you live in a community in Maine served by a public sewer system, all is not steady as she flows either. Had a home up the street from our Houlton Maine real estate office that was the site of a huge back up.

The local Houlton Water Company was performing a mainenance routine "blow out" to make sure everything was heading toward the town's sewer treatment facility smoothly. 

And the half bath in the cellar of one home seemed to be the low point in the high pressure exercise and the back force was too great, caused a neighborhood sewer geyser to happen. Inside this one unlucky home.

The locally owned utility known for the lowest cost electricity in the state was Johnny on the spot and thoroughly cleaned, sanitized and corrected the problem. But still, what a shock to trot down the cellar stairs and wonder what just happened? Oh my goodness, we have one big problem that can happen on a public sewer line.

When a rural country Northern Maine land buyer thinking of building a home asks what are the well and septic going to cost, ball park, we quote a figure of $10,000.

Unless you are around the lake, on the Maine waterfront on a very tight, hilly, rocky lot with neighboring wells, septic systems right on top of you. That figure is out the door for the septic system end of the math expense calculating exercise.

Now your site evaluator may be sketching out a pretty sophisicated septic system on his HHE 200 paperwork. That calls for putting in a specially engineered Maine waterfront septic system with rows and rows of leach field infilitrators, that look like upside down plastic canoes. Add in an expensive larger sewerage pump to life the waste from the distribution box behind the Maine waterfront home or camp, cottage to the raised mound out back or to the side. The one that wipes out what parking lot you had. That looks like a buried dead whale with a plastic schedule 40 white plastic pipe coming out the top.

And all this fun and games with a Maine waterfront leach field, septic system may mean you had to buy extra ground, land on the other side of the access road to the Maine waterfront real estate.

The small piece of neighboring Maine land that cost a King's ransom.

Left you with only one expensive option to where the waste from the bathrooms, kitchen in the Maine lake home, camp, cottage would end up.

The spot, place you wish you had known about before you brought the Maine waterfront real estate. The lakeside lot that you did not insist on an HHE 200 septic system soil test before the closing paperwork "i's" were dotted, "t's" were crossed.

Why Special Care With Septic Systems, Soil Tests In Maine Land Is So Critical Video. | 207.532.6573

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