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Look Back Over Your Real Estate Blog Posts On Active Rain, And Tell Me The Tone, Slant, Perspective.

Read a blog entry today that went as follows..."Many people now have a neighboring house that is what we in the industry consider "distressed", meaning it's a short sale, on it's way to foreclosure, or is a foreclosure."

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Hold it, not in Maine. You may be speaking for parts of Florida where the blogger was from and discouraged. But this statement approaches the scope of the real estate industry market conditions to apply anywhere. 

Not just locally, or in the blogger's state of Florida. Maybe Florida, Detroit Michigan, Atlanta Georgia and parts of California can make the same claim, a similiar real estate market dire observation.

But the way you blog, talk, your daily discourse on the phone, in your office, on it gloom and doom and not accurate for everywhere on the planet? For the record in Maine the house to the left and right of you is NOT a short sale, foreclosure ready or already happened situation. Period.

Your corner of the world is unique, special, with ups and downs caused by local factors, somewhat influenced by national conditions. But right around your real estate office, in the local area, the thumbnail sketch you paint, create and launch for the public to graze on, for John Q Citizen to digest impacts anyone maine four wheelers atvelse that reads it. To the point that when a local Maine seller, or outside buyer asks how is the real estate market, they look surprised when I tell them had one of the best years ever last year. And this year is shaping up even better than that.

A few look amazed because on the news they watch and read end of the world predictions, conditions and kinda thought it meant, applied EVERYWHERE. I tell them the 1980's with sixteen percent bank financing interest rates were a challenge and you had to be on your toes.

But because we are all in sales, do they wonder if you and I are just being positive, trying to cover up the really terrible news we hold back, to keep things moving? All the bad press brokers, agents, REALTORS are guilty of spreading to give the same one giant real estate market is bad that the media portrays. The one that keeps the nightmare, horror show going in the minds of the public.

So if you are in a dire real estate market in your part of the country, wherever you live on the planet, that is tough, sad, the way it is. You may not like it, but no time to whine, distress, melt down.

Dig in, determined to get way way more share of the real estate market you do have to work with.

But blogging about how discouraged you are, or when will things get better does not help your day to day marketing. Or your attitude for the day. And it does not make anyone reading what you post feel like kicking up their heels with joy either. maine little league baseball players

If there are some whale of a deals and you are have a great supply, crank up the electron flow to showcase these "not going to last, better get in to gear and buy now" blue light specials.

Put your time and effort in to promoting for everyone beyond your market to consider purchasing. Markets where everything is not upside down like yours may be. There is always a market...driven by buyers, sellers who want, need to buy or sell.

Consider NOT posting how "last guy out shut the lights off" negativity. Don't keep giving the impression "why would anyone want to buy when everyone living there, on both sides of you is heading down the tubes, back against the wall, things looking pretty grim" ? 

If you got in to the real estate market in the last five years, that could have been part of the whining on line, setback in your career.

If sales happened easy and you thought what a cash cow this real estate gig is and how you should have stepped in to this career earlier, pinned on the "R" years ago, you may have been better served starting listing, marketing, selling real estate when times were tougher, more challenging.

When the property sale selling incline was steeper, harder and you had to be more resourceful, careful with spending, more creative to pull down the sales, keep going.

For the world to know, for all eyeballs to scan, as the local town crier, in Maine we always, always live cautiously. We are always prepared for a set back, rough path around the next corner. We don't worry maine lake kayakerabout it, we prepare for it. Mainers take the giant personal household overhead and drunken sailor spending right out of the equation.

We are survivors. You don't need lots of money, wheel barrows of it, or stacks of plastic cards with high credit limits to "be happy" here. No one out to impress anyone with expensive this or that.

Lots of home made, past down "treasures" and what really matters is family, getting out on the water, a lake, the ocean. Hiking a hillside, kayaking, camping.

Mainers enjoy the four season outdoors recreation, spend a little money for a half tank of gas. Pack some home made potato salad, food and head out camping. Climbing Mt Katahdin, white water rafting the Dead, Penobscot, Androscoggin, Dead Rivers, checking out coastal Maine ocean lighthouses or heading up Cadillac Mountain for a sunrise coffee, reflection in Acadia Park. Is your "fun" money intensive or kept simple? "Store bought" or "home made" where you live, work, play? Maine, grab your coat, tell your friends you are high tailing it to Vacationland.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573

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