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There Are A Zillion ME Towns, Areas To Consider Buying Real Estate, Owning Property In.

Even though many places to consider living, buying real estate and relocating to exist, why do on line property surfers pick your town, area of the country, spot on the planet to kerplop?

houlton maine dentist home

All towns are the same right...maybe a little more crowded, less populated and not that different right? Some flat terrain, others hilly or blessed with more waterfront, a little more history but all in all not that different okay? Yes?


Look at where you live now, presently and if you have been there a few years, is it the same place in every way?

Are you the same cat you were a few years ago? No because changes happen in the local economy, or due to your location a little too handy to a major population center.

Everyday hear from out of state property buyers callers, emailers, visitors to the Houlton Maine real estate office who tell the same story. Weave the same tale about how their local taxes and crime, traffic were low where they live now. But suddenly with leaps and bounds the pressure from these factors, what attracted them to the small town disappeared practically overnight. Many worry how they can afford to stay there with all those zeros in their mortgage, with increasing concern over personal safety and expanding local police forces to curb the crime. So the computer mouse is grabbed, steered to this and that place on line. And it is not property, property, property the surfer only concerns him or herself with. It's the local flavor of the maine lake loonssmall town they seek and specific questions about a long list of what they want that they used to have where they live now. Sometimes the list contains simple questions about the current local Maine library, hospital, traffic situation.

So as a local Maine real estate broker, we do way more than show them ME real estate listings. Over 1200 Maine images, photos help the guy or gal on the other end of the wire see the difference. Giving them something to compare to what they know now and how there are still places like their home town used to be before the population explosion and having to install dead bolts. Buy a gun for a sense of security to compliment the taser they wear, carry to and fro. Local Maine community videos, movies on Maine fun events help too. Blogs like this Active Rain, our MeInMaine posts starts to chip away at the iron curtain that surrounds any area where not much is put on line in small, out of the way places that Maine is famous for.

Videos of Maine especially so you how the people here interact and the beauty of the surroundings. So when many real estate brokers only "sell" the properties they list, the missing piece of the marketing is houlton maine soap box derby kid car racersthe area, the people.

Tell me, show me your area is what each and every out of state caller, emailer, visitor to the ME real estate office wants to be brought up to speed on.

So when property buyers ask "what is your area like?" we start to hit the highlights but also let them know let me send you blog posts on the Maine schools, recreation, and ME FAQ video to finish the job better than I could hope to begin to do over the phone in a minute or two.

Let the local people, scenery, Maine events be shown, watched, absorbed so they see how different it is here than where they live and want to bail out of now.

If you have no people, local town images in your real estate presentation, there is a hole, a big howitzer size planet size chunk of your marketing missing, AWOL.

Moving to Maine real estate guide means posting blog articles, uploading videos and images, showing the person on the other side of the monitor computer screen what this area is like. Everything about Maine, houlton maine, aroostook county photounique to the corner of it where I live is what outside ME real estate buyers are hungry, thirsty, searching for.

Give 'em what they want, ask for and your area of Maine, any state you work out of will start seeing more and more folks considering relocation, retirement, investing in that area.

Be the local tour guide, not just a peddler of property.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573

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