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"Dangerously High Heels, Vodka On The Rocks, Good Times" The Facebook Quote Reads.

Or "Burgers, Bowling And Beers." Ever notice that some of your 1200 friends on Facebook, other social media sites make comments, remarks that stand out.

hard liquor bottle collection Innocent enough by themselves. But collectively, as they pile up, a different reaction happens. Maybe the around the edges comments, zingers, let it all hang out head lines shock value the point.

The posts that have a common theme underneath or front and center that gain volume, speed, impact. You notice not because you are a teetotaler.

Heck a slice of lime, a sweating tall bottle of cold Corona waiting after mowing lawns for three hours, or wiping ten entries off the to do puttering list can be a reward, bonus.

Not a thirty pack but the lone glass ranger can taste pretty special. But in a you can take it or leave it fashion and not part of your every day, or smaller time segments of that day.

But you just become aware of the day in and out of the "friend" on your social media circuit, black board, etch-a-sketch updates.

You start to see a trend, wonder and worry about them.

Let's face it, not every Facebook friend is a bosom buddy, "closest bestest friend for ever" on the planet, global electronic village.

(Shock in audience, sound of air being sucked in, side conversations and background music turned down to concentrate more fully. Everyone leans forward to follow the row, the flow of electrons splashed across the desktop monitor, laptop or droid phone device.)

The folks you connect, hob nob and rub shoulders with on line as you maneuver from your Facebook, to your LinkedIn, Tumblr, Twitter, Youtube platform accounts, check your Gmail  or Yahoo accounts and then double back for updates. Is there a need for an intervention, or keep your comments to yourself? On a scale of one to ten, how friendly is the friend? One you daily comment, thumbs up with or just a voyeur friend that you are in the room, notice but not in the direct ear shot of the conversations to remark without sounding like you are hollering, or "who is this cat" reaction?

So you stay in your "area" of the social media playground, they in their's. Kind of tracking them sideways, parallel but never getting closer, or further away. Like the pontoons of a catamaran. Maybe they haunt the same corners, or drift in and out of the other "friends" you interact with. The conversations that appear for milliseconds and get trash compacted down as new garbage. Er I mean comments and topics, images, links that season the top of the information stream as new icing get planted, harvested, then cellar warehoused. And what are others thinking? Or do they care and are they more interested in talking, posting, boasting than listening? Do the images, links tend to promote the same vice, establish what the other person's fun is, how they roll?

Often you learn lots about a close personal friend you thought you knew from the conversations you listen to when they engage with others, not you. Discovering things, areas, experiences of the person you had no idea about, had never talked about.

Different slant, perspective, topics, delivery happens with others in addition to what is cooking, on the stove burner the two of you may share and glean from when just your one on one heart to heart talks ping and pong.

Or when comments are posted that are ragged around the edges, barbed, a little like broken glass sharp, pointed, do you step in? Or keep grazing and moving?houlton maine bottle drive

Ever had this happen where you watch a thread over time and see comments about not drinking any more. On the wagon, needing new friends and circles to roam reported by the poster.

And then images of tall alcoholic drinks, reference to the booze cruises, getting wasted, the flow of spirits saturating, permeating the comment insertions.

When you knew earlier the spirits were a self proclaimed taboo, kryptonite for the individual. So you start rooting for them, worrying about them. Feel like you are following an acquaintance, someone in the same state, industry that you don't really know. And you ponder what is happening as the old habit, reports, posts, "record" returns?

Where it is leading you wonder or just none of your business? Pull in the beak, the nose does not "knows". Do something, say nothing? Bottle drives...local Maine fund raisers by kids with Vacationland's bottle redemption deposit? Or self collected, drained by the purchaser, not re handled by others for the 5 cent reward on bottle return?

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573

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Comment balloon 5 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • July 25 2010 11:36AM
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