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Your Crystal Clear, Is It Slighty Muddy, Or Are Components Just Plain Missing In Your Real Estate Message, Splash?

The eyes of an out of state ME real estate buyer become your blue, brown, black, green, gray, violet, blood shot red, jaundice yellow peepers so what you see as a property listing agent, broker, REALTOR, everything...

maine porch river view

Does it make the leap from your end to their laptop, droid, desk top computer monitor?

Or is your crystal clear details, imagery, video murky, cloudy, or riddled with holes...missing big chunks of major marketing that leave the guy or gal taking their time to study what you post, send them linked in an email?

Like Wendy's old lady question, her mutter about "where's the beef?"

The more complete the picture you paint with words, images, video and helpful links salt and peppered through out your posts, the less questions, return smoke signals from the other end over the mountain range many states away.

Your eyes are the real estate buyers window, portal in to your property listings, the communities the home, farm, camp, cottage, apartment house, small business is parked in. Always, always consider if you had maine riverfront land photonever been to the property before. Never driven by it, never been to the town or city it is in. Your knowledge is zip about the property, the place.

And you are suddenly on the west coast when the property listing you need, want, will buy is in the right town, at the right price on the east coast.

But like winking at a pretty girl, lady in the dark, she has no idea what's on your mind.

Does not have a clue you exist, let alone if you are her type, if there is any spark, interest or not.

As you start with a blank white monitor screen, with the ME real estate dog and pony presentation, see yourself as the brand new prospective property buyer out in the cyber Internet hinterland? Hungry, thirsty and like a little Maine robin with mouth maine amish horse buggyskyward, open and waiting. Or do you just go thru the motions with a few images, some quick lines of copy and call it good enough? Fast, same old same old quick like a bunny is good enough? It just is not.

That outside buyer if he considers your home town, any of your ME property listings needs a little more attention. And if you don't he will find an agent, broker, REALTOR that does give the full VIP treatment. And on top of what you show and tell about property on line, and how creative you are at doing it, the return of emails, promptness with answers to remaining questions makes the difference of a sale. Or not.

Would you get excited about your ME real estate marketing if you were not you? But a buyer far far away looking for property, real estate in the town listed on your driver's license? Mailing address? Crank it up, do more than you used too, because with the media tools available, it is no longer one black maine cattle cow bulland white poloroid, a line or two of copy and a sign nailed to the property.

Buyers, sellers of real estate expect, deserve way way more these days of drive thrus, more than just vanillla and chocolate choices. Your presentation, the buffet property spread you create to feast it bread and water prison conditions or Waldorf Astoria full, rich, special and gut busting ambrosia fit for a king and queen? Maine, we deliver. It's may be the right backdrop, setting, landscape to provide you with what has been missing in your life.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573

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Comment balloon 4 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • July 30 2010 10:30AM
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