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Big Ones, Little Ones, Expensive Types, Cheap ME Real Estate Listings..Is Which Ones To Advertise A Highly Scientific "Ennie Meenie Miney Moe" Selection Process?

The weekly local Maine real estate ad, or the big city newspapers, outside saturation magazine property insertions...line up your listings and decide which ones to hand pick for the mission of the moment.

The properties you pick to advertise this week. As you look over your past advertising creations and study the proofs you created in earlier weeks, what do you see? Heavy saturation to say lakeshore listings if the maine black bearweather shows sunshine, higher temperatures for the week? A seasonal "pick me pick me" routine happening? Or like a well rounded nutrious meal, are the "soldiers" for the advertising mission hand assembled to be a balanced assault...I mean presentation to make the phone ring, gain attention to generate emails, visits to your office and showings, real estate closings?

Do you have all price ranges represented like a United Nation's delegation sent along to represent the wishes of the property population? A good cross section of what you have listed put front and center? And if one goes under contract, more back up ground pounders to step up, take that listing's place on the front line? Or kinda similiar, but slightly different properties shoulder to shoulder but up and down price wise from the "monkey in the middle".

The listings you pick for the weekly real estate ad? Wait a minute, are you suddenly having an "Aha moment" and like a solving a Sherlock Holmes mystery, you see a pattern of the same handful of listings used over and over in saturation formation? And hearing from your other disgruntled selreal estate property sellers that "Hey, how come my mild mannered ME ranch style home never gets to play, make the rotation?" The listings you pick to advertise, make the cut, represent the real estate office, agency week after week. What is the science of selection? Last second, hurry scurry ten minutes to newspaper advertising deadline?

And like passengers leaving the Titanic as she lists, lifts, sinks do you bail out, grab for whatever is handy to "slam bam thank you ma'am", in helter skelter fashion?

Or do you do what the rest of the "herd" in your local real estate area does and like cows that are not the smartest farm animals, just plod along, pay the monthly bill and always wonder if the return on investment should be healthier? The listings over exposed suddenly get noticed alright and the buyer searching for property suddenly says profoundly "that Maine home (land, farm, cottage, business, etc) has been for sale an awful long time". The shelf life becomes apparent as it molds, sits there and the same image week after week gets played like it's an ace in a weekly poker game. At least pick a different angle, new fresh copy because it becomes apparent you put all of ten minutes in to the weekly ad again.

If you studied the advertising courting and sparking selection to make the ad have impact, punch and keep real estate buyers and sellers happy, what pattern do you see? Only expensive heavy hitting properties in week after week, or "ennie meenie miney moe", the "pin the tail on the property listing"option? If like early years in little league you give all your listings equal representation, insertion in the local real estate newspaper rotation, how's that route working for you? Regardless of how you select your weekly real estate properties to showcase, spotlight, feature in your local newspaper, make sure to have inventory, back up properties pretty darn similiar so when one sells, you don't have to say we're short suited, all out but will get back to you, look around for something similiar to consider. That buyers is ready, hot to trot, the timing is NOW to look, consider, buy real estate. Maine, we try to promote it with everything included left out of the brochure.

I'm Maine Real Estate Broker, Andrew Mooers, REALTOR | 207.532.6573

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Comment balloon 3 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • April 22 2010 07:56AM
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