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How Does Your Real Estate Operation Look From Outer Space?


Day to day you work, hammer away at your real estate operation.

You add this, recreate that, try to reinvent the job of selling your area, property, your brand. But ifbaby maine birds.hungry you pulled way way back....what would your real estate operation look like? Oh sure there is the obvious website, this blog post but that is just stratching the surface of your real estate on line presence right? Are you just on the internet or working it, pumping it up and broadcasting to niche audiences, different real estate buyer genres and hitting targets across the board?  Does you real estate operation light up and shine brightly?



Like  Christmas tree light strings, do you add, replicate and reach further and do it frequently? Do you not just get the real estate buyer's attention but also "feed" that buyer what they want for area information, property details, images, video?


     Exposure, how you write your blogs and for what audience? Are some properties treated differently in the wordage, images, video? Is there a sense of you in the message but variation on a theme? A painter, artist, writer all start out with a blank canvas, page to create on. Before you start your internet insertion, do you start typing before thinking of the treatment the property, the community it is in deserves? Are all your posts the same flavor...same approach? Are all properties you list, market and sell the same? Are you "feeding" your real estate buyer? 


I'm Andrew Mooers, Maine REALTOR | 207.532.6573

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Comment balloon 1 commentAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • March 13 2010 07:34PM
How Does Your Real Estate Operation Look From Outer Space?
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