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Successful Real Estate Brokers And The Amount Of Calories Used, Burned In The Daily Hustle Helping Buyers Sellers Of ME Property.


The amount of calories spent in a typical ME real estate day.

How many calories do you think each of the multi weight scalestasks burn up as a real estate broker, agent juggles through a typical day, if there is such a thing as typical, ordinary? Well for starters, the assumption of a nine to five day for the sake of this highly scientific study is out the window. It's said real estate is a jealous wants all of you and is something if you are suited for the profession, you are eating, thinking, sleeping it 24/7. It is more of a sport you focus all your energies on like a yellow shirted Lance Armstrong pedaling for all he is worth up a vertical high twisting terrain surrounded by rocks and obstacles. Here's the run down of my day in a little Northern Maine town of Houlton ME that is parked at the beginning of Interstate 95. With our back up against the New Brunswick Canadian border on the east where all our energies are focused like a ray gun in the other three directions around our 69 North Street office.

     Now that the youngest of four is off to college, the work day starts before 7am. Today, boxes arrive for property brochures produced thousands at a time to use in tourist information centers, direct mailing, handouts in door to door and placed at other public places every where. Calories spent unloading large large boxes 120. Right on top of that early morning workout, the beep beep of a freight trailer truck backing in announces arrival of 100 real estate lawn signs and 50 more 24 guage metal real estate signs for this year's field of new listings. Signs bought in bulk to save money and to have a well stocked shelf of "ammunition" to sign on the fly thru the spring/summer/fall peak real estate selling period. Unloading, storing of signs that are pretty hefty means another good physical work out and 412 calories burned. Now to the computer to hammer out this blog post already in my head and that pours out with the tap of electrons to the Active Rain servers somewhere in cyber space..maybe Washington state? Process with secretary usually in the area of 200 emails each day. Make usually three lawyer calls, three more to local banks right off the bat. And then tackle a "to do" call list jotted down during breakfast Wheaties. All done within an hour and burning an easy don't even break a sweat effort, meaning another 63 calories expended. Changed office sign letters, retrieve two sold signs to recycle another 112 calories spent. Need a snack, munching quietly while on line, not on the phone.


My 9:30 showing appointment is canceled due to buyer's sick kid, and one of two back to back real estate closings set to start in two hours. So with spring like weather and change of plans with earlier showing, decide to spend the next two hours canvassing local neighborhoods door to door. On foot.

Calories spent handing out brochures, trying not to get to bogged down with too much chit chat at property home owners visited once a year, 245 calories. Not hard work, but up hill and dale through a targeted section of the community. Cell phone in pocket to field a few calls from seceretary, appraisers, buyers, sellers in between homes actually occupied. Many are vacant and hit and run door hangers easy depending on the neighborhood house density. Keep moving.

     Bang out two closings, screw on sold sign panels, finish ad for next week burns another 180 calories. After one closing take buyer to local Houlton Water Company to set up change of utilities and deliver a local phone book in a hurry because day early out of state buyer arrives ready to see a farm that they have walked seven times in a cyber video tour already. We trot out in the jeep to tramp the 100 acres for real. That take a healthy chunk of the afternoon and burns a whopping 408 calories. This buyer is in great shape...but when they are not or under time constraint to fly home, catch a plane, sometimes just a ride around with the jeep means less energy expended, less time spent tramping fields, woodlots, thru barns or lake cottages. And if the video was done right, they feel like they walked it on line like this 64 acre farm video. Making videos takes energy too scurrying around to tidy up, turn on all lights and ceiling fans, put down toilet seats and shoot room to room, around the place editing in your head as you set up shots. Then running around home, farm, cottage and turning everything off, locking up the vacant property and skedaddling back to the office for anything new on your daily real estate plate to clean up, deal with.

     Back at the office after two calls along the way if alone or chit chat with a buyers in jeep for a reaction to what they just saw as we give them the ten cent Houlton ME chamber of commerce tour. Then good byes said as they get on I-95 and head back home three states away with real estate broker Andy promising to keep in touch, eventually sell them the property they saw or another that comes up on property radar. Now continue edit of a video shot the day before when the sun was oriented correctly. And upload to several video platforms, including, youtube, etc and embeded in blog post that is automatically aggregate fed around the social media horn. Ad branded link to local website, unbranded added to statewide mls, Make three and answer two calls while finishing video and waiting for rendering, upload to complete with two computers humming during this process. Over 250 calories burned juggling this stint at the office dog and pony real estate exercise. Kids are not the only ones multi tasking experts.  Learned the trick years ago with farm chores growing up and dark clouds, the weather dictating the pace to complete each task. Hour for lunch? Nope, only on Monday's at Houlton ME Rotary but that is a working lunch where you talked with two attornies, a pair of bankers during the meatloaf or salmon surprise. Quick soup and sandwich from many local outlets choices or something healthy other days eaten on the run. You do low impact tasks together. 

     Circulating, hit two grocery stores to bump in to more folks before returning to office for another drop in that secretary alerts me about. The run around in and out of jeep, stores, picking up a few items expends another 200 calories.  Depending on the time of year, the tasks shift, the traffic actually dropping in varies. When fewer walks in in winter happen, you get out in to the hinterland to gather listing inventory. It's like farming...time to plant, cultivate, harvest. And despite the day you plan as the sun comes up and the rooster crows, being flexible so what you had mentally laid out can be suddenly shelved. Pushed down the to do list, quickly backed off until time allows and events change to continually shuffle in and out the old and new tasks the most efficient way. Realtors could be air traffic problem. Or air traffic controllers could be excellent real estate potential agents, brokers.


It's a lot like triage in an Emergency Room...what needs to be done when, how, and do the most good in a life and death situation. It's just as serious when a real estate buyer and seller need an event to happen and you're the professional wearing the big blue "R", the hardest working letter in the alphabet.

Heavily involved in local community events, local boards and juggling kid's sporting and school activities make REALTOR's pretty sharp indidivuals to tackle any job, situation, issue, puzzle. Want something done, give it to a busy person who studies the problem, quickly implementing the best solution to get it done. Real estate professionals burn lots of calories but don't waste many steps, much time and are models of efficiency along with having a tough skin, tender heart to help the members of the communities we list, market, sell properties in. Do we take vacations? Oh day to day now after raising kids as a single dad full time has changed with the last two of four in college and away during the school year.

     We're busy but your children are everything, the most important people in the world. And we always, always make time for well deserved, earned and necessary family's a video clip of one cruise from last week we whipped together. But now back to work and calorie count over 2000 so far and the day is not done. What's your real estate day, operation look like? My career has been 30 years long so far and never is there a day when new tricks, smarter ways to do the real estate marketing, help resolve people's issue do not come up. It is a big bonus if you can be a bit of a Dr Phil, empathetic too as you hustle, burn calories and stay in shape.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573

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