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Remember All The Groans, Eyes Rolling Upward When You Had To Sit Thru A Family Vacation Slide Show?


Watching a series of not so great real estate still photos jerking wildly in and out and called a video is like that.

Bagpipe, harp, piano, saxophone  ormaine videos, real estate farm no music, silence like a Charlie Chaplin black and white movie. If there is a video music bed, it is often better suited for a funeral home, elevator and does not offer a fun experience. Still images with a slew of busy, hang on roller coaster tight transitions cause real estate nausea. Silence and no local audio is robbing the viewer big time too. Real estate audio is 40% of the video..don't waste it or turn it completely off.

     You do not want your real estate or local video to resemble a bucking bronco, or a Disney ride. Think about it. Is that the experience, treatment you want the real estate buyer, the viewer boning up on your area to have? And still images, the same ones you already showed them on your website, in your blog, where ever put in a dog and pony slide show is like still eating turkey Thankgiving leftovers a week after the gobble gobble event.

      Real live video is not flat or two dimensional or a captured instant in time like image. It moves around the inside, outside of the property. Your viewer is not looking at a static one by one herky jerky photo album, or a busy slide show. Real videos done right are an open house, with a broker, the first guy or gal you meet in the area giving the tour, talking conversationally at the property. Video shows the connection of rooms, how they flow and go together. Just throwing a bunch of images show the rooms, but not the walk from one to the other like you do to figure out any new building you enter. Video. And this open house is a front door always unlocked, ready to view or send across country to family members, school chums that you want to share the place with. That video gets watched over and over. Attached to emails, embedded in blogs, linked to social media sites. One easy to swallow capsule. No script or announcer guy with a hand on one ear and an RE 20 overly compressed mic hanging in front of him wearing ear phones hovering over a copy holder. The room echo of the broker's voice, the sound of his shoes walking room to room as he tells video images, mooers realtyyou about the hot water heating system with three control zones. Maps, graphics, run down details weaved into the video in drop in color boards and type vary the delivery of the property. Broker guy points out the cental vacumn or the new grade school two blocks away. He is giving you lots of information. But in "your steak is all cut, potato buttered" sort of way. That is the fulll treatment service you would want if you the broker were looking for property or anything in an area you had never been to before. Video makes the new property, new community less fuzzy, more real, more connected for the viewer.

     Years ago the buyer for the new home, land, farm, waterfront listing was your 8th grade english teacher's daughter that was a few years older at the same school you attended. Or the property seller was a couple sitting two pews over in the same church as you as a kid. Local and 90% of your buyers already knew all about the area and you too. So just the facts on the property needed. These buyers were your neighbors already. Grew up with you, saw you at the local hardware store, little league games, pushing  a cart at the A&P grocery once a week. Now with internet, broadband and want it right now with 85% of folks going on line to check out your real estate portal, those surfers need more than a run down on the sticks and bricks. They want to know about crime, weather, how close the hospital is, and what your library or parks and recreation program "look" like. Unlike the local buyer, this out of town buyer is hungry, thirsty for local community information in addition to anything you can post on the property because there is not much on line yet on either in most smaller rural markets.

     Who better than you Joe Broker to play Mr Chamber Of Commerce while shooting the 3 to 4 minute video of the home, farm, waterfront or raw land, real estate you just listed and want to sell? Real estate video uses all five senses..not just the eyeballs. You hear the broker's unique voice, you feel the summermaine loons breeze and see the flickering sun on the open deck overlooking water where the wind chime tinkles melodically in the background. Or you hear the Maine sea "rock's ahead" warning bell buoy dinging, sea gulls singing or loons crying. Or you are inside a busy Maine country corner grocery store.


Video breathes life in to flat the rate of 30 frames per second using all five senses most of us have.

     Scope out our video examples..close to 400 of them. Don't have to shell out 3500 for a video camera, or 600 for Sony Vegas editing software. Just simple, roll 'em, real and genuine video does the job so well, completely. Shoot ones that tell the audience about who you are, why you live where you do, and sell real estate. Start small, do a story board of what you want to accomplish, and know they will get better, more helpful and asked for. Cover your local school graduations, canoe races, soap box derby events, local bands playing in the park, etc. Spotlight your local area, the property you sell, the people you serve with video.

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Comment balloon 4 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • January 16 2010 11:03AM
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