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Excelling In One Area Of Your Real Estate Job Was All The Boost, Edge You Needed. Once.

You are in real estate because....?

 The talent you have in one particular aspect of listing, or marketing or selling real estate used to be enough to propel you like on the last turn in the indoor swimming competitions growing up. But now if the income stream gets a little light, and more wolves running in the pack has you itchy to break loose, then running your day to day like a big box retailer with "just in time" inventory control gets intiated. Lean and mean, large and in charge as Joe Dirt would say. But it gets to be you are competing with yourself as you personally keep raising the bar in your local area, the gps coordinates of your home town to gain even more market share because you can.  The real estate all around you and wanting your colors, size and style of font parked on their lawn as small town real estate art.

Small David businesses adjust and belt tighten as soon as problems come up on radar, get brought out in to the daylight, up for a dose of fresh air.

Eagle eyes pair up, lazer scan like windshield wipers on high running the numbers, looking for an irregular pattern on the hour, every hour.

Gut feelings to be usually trusted, relied on as gospel.

Large behemoth multi-level businesses don't react to a limb removed, and bleeding out starting with passing out symptoms as quickly, nimbly either. It has to go to committee, have a majority on whatever plan of attack is voted in, acted on. Maybe a consulltant brought in to tell you what you always suspected, the company is loosing boatloads of money. And it did not start recently, the grenade sized holes forming on ship bottom many nautical miles earlier in the cruise. Shift now to the opening scene of Act Two flashed on the mental projector screen now showing on the back of the inside of your head. The grazed iceberg "event" no one recalls the four W's on goes back a lot lot further up that famous creek. Where the need for a paddle always gets over looked, neglected. 

Good business decisions and negotiate, wheel and deal on your office spending, overhead. Every hour of every day. Your profit is your expenses sounds like Ricky Bobbie jargon, reasoning.  But if you thought of the A to Z of real estate as a sport, critical to master, and pressure to reinvent midst stream of faster and faster technical advances, then you have the right perspective from the get go. The calendar and life's ups, downs, twists, turns and cloverleaves take the hammer to the red hot iron being shaped by a smithy to show you the path of the market, direction it is headed in.  Maine, big state, everything real, not spun. See all our videos for real estate, local events.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573

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Comment balloon 3 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • December 15 2010 08:58PM
Excelling In One Area Of Your Real Estate Job Was All The Boost, Edge…
You are in real estate because…? The talent you have in one particular aspect of listing, or marketing or selling real estate used to be enough to propel you like on the last turn in the indoor swimming competitions growing up. But now if the… more
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