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(Open Letter To Santa From A Real Estate Buyer) Dear Santa...Whoa, Year Flew By Quick Huh?

Hey Santa, let's bag the pleasantries and cut to the chase cause I know you are one busy, everyone wants a piece of you guy this year.

So I always know you want your good boys and girls to explain why they think they deserive anything and how they thought they did over the last twelve months. Well, Santa, it's been tough sledding but I think I did as well as last year and you did not let me down...made it to my home so here goes.

This year as a real estate buyer wanting my own place to call home and to stop flushing cash down the drain, I would like a very low interest home loan to afford more house for less money. Hey, (stratching head) I know that first request, wish sounds a little hokey seeing it in my own hand writing cause I hear all over the news, from agents, real estate brokers, REALTORS and bankers all the time that interest rates for home loans are at historic lows. So (crumbling paper, tossing toward waste basket and missing rim) never mind wasting a wish on that area Santa.

Okay, when I go looking for a home, can you help make sure there are a lot to pick from, a big selection so I don't have to settle for one I kinda, sorta like. I want one that just fits like a glove for my needs. Oh no...wait wait on that request too Santa. All my friends remind me there is a super selection of homes, real estate to pick from so having to settle for any old home ain't happening I guess. Hey, hate to tie you up big fellow, so I'll try to end this letter cause you have to feed the reindeer or check NORAD weather charts and new tower, wind mills, obstacles put up in the glide path to my home and others.

Santa, if one of your larger brained elves, with superior computer skills can hack in to tidy up my not so hot credit score and do some air brushing on my current debt ratios, I would owe you big time.

I admit my spending money like a drunken sailer with too much plastic in my diet put me in this hole. But know you are connected with Trans Union, the other credit reporting agencies on your same Christmas gift list I want to be in like Flynn on too. I don't need to know the specifics on how you do it but am hopefully something in the 800's for a score when it is all said and done. It could really help get me the best possible rate and in to be in a home of my own the next time we start drinking egg nog and working the mistletoe for all it's worth during the parties.

Santa, shake it easy and rest up for the big day. I'l leave a light on for you, some of your favorite Little Debbies cookies that stay fresh for years. And carrots for the reindeers.  Use the back door, way way easier for those deliveries. Pace yourself Santa...and let the elves along for the ride use the dollies and block and tackle for the heavy lifting. Just supervise okay? Remember your hernia, Mrs. Clause's great advice to take care of yourself a little better.

Your friend


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Comment balloon 3 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • November 29 2010 08:41PM
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