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What Can You Do With An Empty Maine Waterfront Lot, Real Estate On A Lake, Pond, Next To Something Wet?

Using common sense, blind trust and "help yourself to Maine's natural resources" around a lake, pond, some body of water is not something to depend on as a best management practice.

maine lake front photo Mess up that Maine waterfront real estate without rules in place, enforced by the DEP and LURC to protect it and everyone loses.

Not just the property owner of the Maine waterfront listing.

The Maine wildlife, forested regions, wild plants, bushes and the fish, anything alive in that lake, pond gets stressed, eliminated too.

Read more about simple rules to follow around a Maine lake, waterfront here.

Maine, over 6000 lakes, but each one is precious, special, requires careful handling, protections to keep them that way.

Extra hurried development around a Maine lake, roadways thrown in with a slash, stratch, and burn attitude cause erosion which makes water race to the lake with nutrients, silt.

Causing soil loss, temperature and clarity changes for anything living in that Maine lake.

And extra vegetation that messes up the natural balance of that once pristine Maine waterfront property.

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