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Listing, Marketing, Selling Real Estate...What Can Get Lost In The Take Off.

plane taking off

You know when you are belted in, pushed back in to the airline seat as the silver bird pilot pushes the throttle ahead to maximum thrust, for take off?

Real estate marketing has become like that take off.. each listing not so home made, hand crafted at a time. Millions of listings, flooding the airwaves, websites, emails, social media platforms. The planes are bigger, faster, more fully packed with freight, luggage and passengers. And the "bigger is better streamline" for getting the word out standardized process applies to real estate marketing too. Herding lots of properties to market but not in cattle drive formation any more or loosing critters along the way. Now done quickly, efficiently, but in somewhat cookie cutter, predictable fashion. Partly because the audience likes predictable and can stand, tolerate, get used to bland. As long as it is delivered quick. And heck, everyone does it this way so that makes it right?

What if your website did not just use a few fields from the mls insertion that is quick, hits the highlights buts leaves much about the uniqueness of the property missing. If it was no longer lacking much information about the property. That did not make the leap to the screen of the desk top monitor, lap top or droid device. Oh sure the images are snappy, shot wide, handsome and hopefully tweaked, shot, uploaded with interest and creativity in mind. And the use of video further shows how the pieces of the property puzzle and local area fit. But the first point of contact when the listing is rolled out. The white sheet whipped off the platform with the pool of spotlight surrounding what needs to be showcased. Your newest property listing. What do you belt in, send down the runway after the air tight stainless steel aircraft door is vacuum shut, twist locked?

Peterbilt, an over the road tractor truck builder prides themselves on hand built, crafted cabs.

And for the coast to coast driver in that truck 24/7, it is his or her home away from home.

But how could you take the peterbilt trailer trucktime to build them one at a time? And how could you pass along those costs to get the truck units gobbled up if the attention to detail was on the scale of European sleek design / engineered exotic car road master pieces?

Could the shoe box 5,3,1 room count ranch handle all the attention, glitz, promotion? Or do some properties just lack areas, details to run with requiring any of the extra treatment? Reserved for luxury properties only for the real estate broker who only has six listings with lots of zeros in the 24 karat gold rimmed sticker price tags. Or would folks get confused because this is not what they are used to everyone else doing that wears the "R"?

Like your kids, no matter how different or unique, you love them all the same. Right? No favorities, no special treatment of the basic handling, attention, care day to day. Could the same apply to real estate property listings? Or are some neglected, forgotten while others get over exposed? Reached for in haste for the last minute weekly ad. Or like a relief pitcher in the bull ben tapped to hand the ball to for the next inning. Over and over. When others in the stable could shine brighter, if you let them. But don't. On the road and blogging from Bar Harbor Maine's MAR REALTOR state meeting day two today. Maine, fill your lungs with our clean blue fresh air, sample our water views too.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573

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Comment balloon 6 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • October 13 2010 07:16AM
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