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The Emergency Call Came In At 12:30, A Real Estate Doctor Was Needed Stat.


The owner of a property was at wit's end.

He tried to sell the home on his own and fiddle faddled away houlton me regional hospitalone entire selling season. Then listed with a second cousin who works at the car wash full time and another year on hold, wasted, shot, kaput.

   Trot in another broker right behind the family member that was dismissed. Promised the world, had a thousand watt personality, seemed to be a gogetter and then after the listing, became a secret agent.

Gone, disappeared in thin air. The sign out front rusting, fading, listing with burdocks growing up around it. Then the emergency call comes into you three years later after the notion of selling first entered the owner's head.


The seller's faith in real estate practitioners is at an all time low. He's frustrated, agitated, and looks at you warily, making you feel a tad inadequate.

He's pale, tired, seems jittery and paces his kitchen. Wait a minute as you take in his comments, locate the source of the problem and study the symptoms. You open your black real estate bag and start showing him one by one the reasons property does or does not sell. Without criticising the folks at Country 22 Realty and Shoe String Real Estate or his own fumbled attempts to be his own Joe Broker, you carefully, completely spell it out. A light bulb over his head lights up brightly and he gets it. The price is not what the seller thinks would be nice. It's not a game of pin the price on the donkey or pie in the sky thinking. It's based on what has sold like his place, what is on the market competing with his pad. Scan down the chart pointing out the good signs of the property's health and the areas to keep watch over, that need exercise, physical therapy. What sore spots to be careful with in the marketing strategy due to his past experience at the real estate clinic where he spent way way too much time out in the lobby, reading, worrying, waiting for that sale. You involve him with the procedure, what has to happen and tell him the way the market is, the way the property is straight out, not pulling any punches. You also email his kids who worry about Dad since Mom passed away and get them in the real estate recuperation during the sale. Communication is the vitamin, the stimulant, the electrolytes to get him out of sick bay. It's the stuff he needs to get him on the road to his next home.

     One by one the facts spill out, become clear after a tour of the place. After fully understanding his motivation to sell which has become red alert, as crucial as needing a vital organ or he's going to die.  Dr Real Estate, that's where you come in and the fit is good. You listen first, talk with well picked words, hitting the source of the problem so far that has kept the place on the market. What has caused it to get shelf decay, listing fatigue or enemia. He is ready to sell now. Not kinda wanting to sell, or sorta listing the place. The list of what he needs to do and why to the place in the "partnership" doctor/patient check list is understood and he feels relief. He warms up, but is still a little like a jilted bride and needs attention, calls, feedback along the way.

     At the closing, he shakes your hand and says for all to hear, "thanks for getting my place knew what you were doing, what steps to take and were fun to work with, professional and helped explain the whole "operation" or procedure. Case closed...another happy real estate patient as you grab your bag, leaving the closing for another crisis, real estate challenge. This one too from a botched operation that you have to diagnose, untangle and do corrective surgery on with stellar marketing, carefully stitched together video of the place, hard hitting imagery and copy that fully with a tad of humor describes the place and is injected with a little personality and local area information along the way. It's not a job if you love what you do. The comment from the closing makes you smile, still rings in your ear for a few hours. The one on how much he appreciated feed back after a showing, and how he did not feel corralled or that the broker owned the place instead of him for a change being a pleasant surprise.

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Comment balloon 5 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • September 03 2009 07:55AM
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