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(Stratching head slowly) With Real Estate Video Marketing, Now Important Is The Audio?


You hopefully have five senses and a brain that processes those media inputs right?

Where does audio figure into the video you produce to show case the real estate you just listed? I'll say at least 40% of the sensation, the play is that audio. Especially when you are touring a lakeshore, business or farm property. With the little mom and pop grocery, showing the place while a cash register is beeping, a customer is laughing as he totes the milk and bread to the counter is huge like in this video. An empty store, static and free of customers is not a healthy video. Buyer thinks "How am I going to pay for the place with no customers?" When you want him thinking about a slice of that pizza rotating and steaming and how good a ham and cheese sub, bag of BBQ chips and a mountain dew would taste right about now! You want the buyer at the store in this case. Your video is trying to put the viewer at the property...transporting him/her from in front of their monitor, or their laptop at the airport when they have a two hour wait between flights.

     Hit those senses...and in the audio track rather than a dub written script back at the office, talk one on one at the property, to them, not at them. Remember they are a few states away, have never been to your area and have questions about the property, the area and yes, about you. Who is this cat on the other end of the camera/microphone?

The buyer hears your voice, sees you when you decide to turn the camera around and you mix it up being different in your approach on all but with a frame work / consistency that all your videos follow so they are familiar, easy to digest, simple but effective. on that video and adding floorplans, map locations and bits and pieces of the live narrated footage from your hometown is huge. And the search engines pick them up. Inserting that cute little video screenshot with inviting play arrow. With your copy, your production on page one of those engines. Where the SEO spiders / robots get you planted where eveyrone can see. It's all about eyeballs and ear pairs right? You want to reach lots of them and frequently. Can you say "reach and frequency"? Sure you can. I knew you could. It's that easy, like Dick and Jane real estate marketing.

     Capture it, edit it, watch the phone ring, the view counts to rack up, the emails to pour in and ultimately the visits to happen. Remember too that part of the money to buy this say store is coming from mom/dad or grampy. They want to see what they are investing in and with video, they can. Right now.

Maine, Hang It Up Where You Work Like A Dog Now. Maine Real Estate...Prices About One Third Where You Live Now. | 207.532.6573

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Comment balloon 0 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • September 16 2009 10:43AM
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