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Flying On A Jet Plane..Don't Know When I'll Be Back Again (Sang Way Way Off Key..The Painful Way)


Some folks log 150,000 miles a year and life out of their suitcase.

Not all glamorous but it's their job as a gypsy employee, or hired gun to trouble shoot or rally the troops of a national outfit spread all over creation. Realtors log a slew of miles but around and around the burg they live in. Had a chance to see the "dark side" of flying and forgot how easy some days go and how other people handle the down side of traveling inside a silver bird. Youngest son and I set out for Colorado College early Friday morning and here's the reader's digest of the day. I think being a realtor helps take it all in stride and make the most of it. We look for, find empty seats to get from A to B!

     6am flight from Portland Maine. Hydraulic bubbles in the line of the third back up system. Wait for maine ski chairsmechnic, kill 90 minutes at the airport and we're off to NJ for connector. Land but no one at the gate to link up with so wait. And wait. Blackberry indicated flight we could have made was there if the gate was open and ran thru the place like OJ in the old commercials. But watch it digitally depart early. There's a twist, or new wrinkle to the way the day is unfolding. So we need to get to Houston on another flight...hmmm... We locate one, hop on board and then wait three hours in the hot plane moving to different areas of the Newark airport. Am I angry? Nope..decide get sleep while you can, busy whirlwind when we get there for youngest son and much to accomplish. Lady next door to me thought is not a happy flier. Started to whine, complain and she wants the world to know she is not happy. She is calling, texting and very loud.


Three hours later we are on our way to Houston..yippee. In Houston we circle, and circle airport as weather that delayed us from take off in Newark comes back to haunt us in Texas.

So we get low on fuel and have to divert to Dallas which I figure is 300 miles closer to Colorado Springs, our destination. We debate getting off to hop on a connector but none with open seats available according to the blackberry check. We are only there for fuel and get to Houston eventually. Continental wants to put us up in a motel, feed us and the next night at 9:15 we could get a flight to the springs. Nope..that won't work as have to the orientation/get the youngest squared away with "stuff", open bank account, say good by and fly out at 6am Sunday morning.

Meanwhile, the lady next door is winding up like an old world war two siren.  She rackets it up and starts really screaming, getting aggitated. She starts shouting about having to waste her time to get "flipping fuel" in a conversatin for someone I feel sorry for on the other end. She sputters how stupid a diversion was, and heads are going to roll, etc. I thought running out of fuel and trying to make a 767 a glider would not be my idea of fun but she was right, did not HAVE to refuel. But I wanted to live to see another day. 

We hopped off in Houston, climbed on a half empty plane to Denver, took a shuttle to Colorado Springs and got there at 3am! Tired? Nope..have to get youngest son to bed, up early to get shuttle from motel to airport to pick up rental. Baggage just arrived and the day went like clockwork. All shopped for at Target, bank account opened, made all the orientations, gave him a big hug at night and off to bed to catch another 6am flight. Back today and in good shape office wise, but gearing up for leaving Thursday for another son to drive to Washington DC for his third year at George Washington. 

     I think being a broker makes you cherish the time you do have, the people you deal with that are nice as punch, and the situation you find yourself in. Life is 90% your reaction to it and 10% the actual events. Don't take the set backs personally and look around. Other 400 people in the plane and many take it all in stride. Life. You size it up, and just make the most of it. Not alot of emotion wasted or drame. Don't have time and are not cranked up at how bad it is. Glad I don't feel like others on that plane, or that are coming unglued. I think seeing melt downs from others, and knowing a clock is ticking and we have a goal, a destination is what helps us get from listing to closing phase in real estate. We also learn to handle difficult people, situations. We do it everyday and it comes with the territory.

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