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Real Estate Sales...Don't Just Stand There...Suggest Something, Anything Can Be Expensive.


Ever heard the expression about "too many cooks in the kitchen"? 

Or been at the real estate closing with way real estate updates, color changesway too many attorneys suggesting this, wanting that, raising this concern where you wonder if all the extra handling will blow the entire deal from fanfare? Professionals in a real estate transaction. Too many can bog it down, or ones that are asleep and distracted can help it die from neglect, lack of attention. 

"Justifying your existence" is another expression and not wanting to be a bump on the log, to have a part in a deal can be dangerous. With doctors you get a second opinion before having someone put a stitched zipper with a steak knife into your hide.  With real estate it should be no different.

     For example, had a home we listed years ago that had been on the market with "brand X" previously. The owner at the suggestion of the agent drilled a new well with the promise it would sell quickly and the statement that that was the reason for delay in that sale. The property already had a well on the property and adequate for any bank loan, any appraiser's scrutiny. But suggesting something, anything as a reason for a lack of a sale after a year's listing or longer to keep the listing, keep the seller busy, making an excuse for why it had not sold. This home had huge power lines running overhead..which did not help!

For some staying busy, making any old suggestion and spending owner's money is sometimes the course of attack in a real estate sale. But is the procedure needed, prudent?

The owner is not sure but trying to be helpful, willing to anything to move the home. Throwing money at real estate will not always be helpful and taking that financial expenditure off the sale price may be the easier, more prudent tactic to move a property. 

     Have a relocation company asking for an estimate of a new counter, new floor and different paint in the kitchen of a one bedroom rental ranch on a property we currently have listed. I'm all for toning down glow in the dark colors or tweaking a messed up area of the property that distracts the marketing process. But sometimes the operation is a chase your tail exercise when that is not the reason for a lack of sale. If you have a say shade of  green someone on the other end of the marketing chain gets queasy checking out may mean chop chop.  "Sanitize" the suggestion for this change as something to go back thru the chain of command with estimates to tackle. Letting the person who is the head of the listing sale see a recommendation is something to show that anything is being done to look on top of the marketing. Sometimes the suggestions are warranted, sometimes they are not and a waste of time, money and just delay the process.

     As a real estate professional, all you can do it houlton maine real estate,me broker andrew mooerssuggest what you as the local eyes and ears would recommend but gather the bigs, try to make everyone happy. The original person building the home liked the color scheme but that's why in more affluent areas you need a stager to tell you what the public wants or dislikes. A stager in rural Maine would starve as the cost for the service just does not fit into the small real estate price tag we enjoy. For example, this kitchen above comes with a main 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 3X garage, 50 acres, an extra machine shed and this one bedroom detached rental and with a view for $159,000! Pretty low priced huh? Think it's the green kitchen is holding up the sale?

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