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     stained glass window hall room

You unlock the door to a home you have no previous experience with. The owner is out of state and told you the secret hiding place for the key.

As you enter and hear your footsteps echo on the well polished hardwood retreat to the front door to remove your shoes. This place is nice, preserved, almost museum like. Nothing out of place.

      As a real estate broker, commissioned with the job to market this place, you have a blank canvas to splash marketing colors on. Your eye takes in everything within and outside of the four walls. Like a diamond cutter or a brain surgeon scrubbed for an operation..a crucial operation, you have a mission. How to begin the presentation, the marketing once you and the owner hammer our a price to run with that is in line with the market.

     The images you take, the video you shoot, the copy you write, the excitement you have for the antique maine dining roommarketing end of this sale is crucial. This is not just another pretty house where you mechanically shoot just 8 images with the standard outside, rear, side view and one capture of each inside room. You don't operate that way right? Otherwise the thrown together marketing will shine thru, stick out on the mls and everywhere you market property as a botched Michael Jackson like plastic surgery job.

     Haven't you seen a super property needing special treatment, more time and love put into the marketing that was a hatchet job, like a bad dream, a nightmare? And at the same time, you've noticed as a real estate professional a plain jane, nothing special property that was made to shine in the marketing, pushing it's low price, simplistic design. It was showcased, the good points emphasized but not puffed up or exploited.

     Marketing real estate is also like the old foot pump organ too. You pull out this stop, push in this one to create the right sound for the type of music you are playing, the effect you are after unique to this one song.

And you pedal for all your worth along the way. Is that the way you approach a brand new house listing or is it robotic, every home, farm, land marketing piece you have on the web look the same? You have a new blank white canvas...what look does your next real estate listing demand, suggest, warrant to serve your seller and audience?

Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers - Maine..It's What's Been Missing, What You Have Been Looking For. | 207.532.6573

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Comment balloon 8 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • July 24 2009 07:48AM
Real Estate Listing, Marketing, Selling.. Up Close And Personal.
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