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Got A Call From Walmart In Houlton Maine About A Job Reference.

Three questions, that's all they wanted answers to from a Walmart background interview for a fellow maine woods campneeding a job reference.

1) Would I consider so and so as a threat to other workers, the public?

2) Would I consider so and so as dishonest or lacking integrity?

3) Would I for any reaons consider so and so as not being a good worker in the lawn and garden area of the store? 

     That was it, simple and sweet. I had talked in the past with someone that filled out the job application and I believe he said it at that time had 55 questions. Many were trying to get down to your attitude, belief on what constitutes stealing. For example, early on a question might be "Would you consider taking a riding lawnmower or something in the value of $800 as stealing?" Obviously anyone would circle "no" I would hope. But later on when the question is phrased with if you work long hours, for low pay, would helping yourself to a pack of gum be consider stealing?

In society you have to wonder where the black and white of stealing is. Where the person in the henhouse decides he is justified from his evaluation of the situation and his actions become self serving to make it fair in his mind.

Maine has less people, less drama, 4th lowest crime statistics. Can you see yourself living in Maine?

     I think CS Lewis called the thought process of being comfortable no matter what with "situational ethics". Cattle rustlers and bank robbers in the past ran a business, with higher stakes and carrying guns and lots of excitement if being chased, getting caught. When a kid steals, cheats, is lazy or destructive, you want to know as a parent and not let them get away with it, or develop a pattern of this is normal. Stealing and lack of respect for others property is not normal despite credit card theft, on line schemes and all the angles the modern electronic era has created. How many times have you heard of someone filing suit and building a case against an insurance company, with the rationale I'm not hurting anyone.  I have had folks with walkers, canes, neck braces and dark glasses to shield the light that would get academy performance trohpies for displaying pain, crawling into the office from five states away. And when they rattle of the five 69 north street houlton maine,mooers realty agency officecases they are going to settle for big damage dollars, I have shown concern about how painful watching them walk is and have had more than one smile broadly, and whisper, "I'm going to be all better once I get my settlement check(s)." Makes you worry about your seller and future suits from someone that sues for a living and is good at it. Knows all the angles and you make sure disclosures, all the paperwork is studied for the second and third time to prepare for a lawsuit whether there is a reason for one or not. In Amerca, you do not have to be right to sue.

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Comment balloon 2 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • May 20 2009 03:13PM
Got A Call From Walmart In Houlton Maine About A Job Reference.
Three questions, that's all they wanted answers to from a Walmart background interview for a fellow needing a job reference. 1) Would I consider so and so as a threat to other workers, the public? 2) Would I consider so and so as… more
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