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America's Top Model, Top Chef, Top Athlete Where Average Joes And Janes Compete.


The reality television, cable phenomena has viewership why?

The attraction for you to spend time on smal town rural living,healthy life styleyour end to watch the contestants be selected, judged and either advance or told to go home. Do you relate with the winners and losers and everyone in between?

Reality television/cable productionsare cheap to shoot. You pick an exotic setting or back drop, you recruit average folks from coast to coast and then let the cameras/audio roll capturing the excitement, the seedier side of the snid remarks and politics as attitudes shine thru as the week of filming wears on. The tough survive, stay focused, persevere. Unpredictable live productions mean twists and turns and excitement that you can not script.


Can you imagine a reality real estate series showing the climb over dead bodies type A's among us, the meek and mild new comer who gets eaten up, spit out by the economy, the dealing with the public? The going without a weekly pay check when the bills keep right on coming in. Would anyone watch it?

The cattier the better, the more out spoken the jucier the sound bites and video eye candy clips on the outrageous, over the top candidates. Would you like to be on the show? Is it the drama that makes us tune in, follow the musical, dancing, survival competitions? I enjoy the shows that transport you into the inside peek of a day of an ocean going fisherman, deep woods logger, being left in the wild and eating bugs and using your wits to get thru until being picked up, etc. Dirty jobs show all the employment behind the scenes that most of us don't appreciate until the perspective earned from the many reality employment shows flooding the air waves is watched, absorbed, pondered. I like the day to day small town rural Maine show I watch and am a part of in Aroostook County. REALTORS broadcast their corners of the world. They put the local community on line to watch, educate and provide a tour guide service in addition to just talking about the listings they market. Give them a glimpse of what it is like in your town or city, let them take a walk in your moccasins.

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Comment balloon 2 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • May 24 2009 11:32AM
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The reality television, cable phenomena has viewership why? The attraction for you to spend time on your end to watch the contestants be selected, judged and either advance or told to go home. Do you relate with the winners and losers and… more
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