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Fence Strattling Real Estate Communication And How To Remove The Wood Splinters.


The art of fence strattling, watching not just politicians stay on the beam. In real estate you have to decipher, translate, be flexible and move in the direction the moment dictates due to the ever changing variables.

A Realtor draws on his experience with similiar situation recall dovetailed with the ever growing list of new techniques to handle stock scenarios and the  people, property they revolve in them. Sometimes the fence strattler is the buyer who does not want to show his real intent or to let you look at his cards. Other instances, it is the seller that is not being totally honest or truthful on his motives even with his own agent.  Or maybe the seller is not sure on his motivation to sell or if he really wants to at all. No commmunication and being left to draw your own conclusions from say a deceased owner and no houlton maine horse farm fencehistory to draw from can make you a Grissom on the Realtor CSI show.

     The bibical verse "Know the truth and it shall set you free" speaks volumes. But getting to the truth, taking the time to gather it, discern it, and build on it is key. The truth or just the facts about the property you are selling and the buyer/seller involved in that sale. Without this foundation, the players in a real estate transaction can head down all sorts of rabbit trails.


    Misunderstandings are inherit because as Billy Joel sang "You're only human, you're suppose to make mistakes".

     Emotions, past experiences, raw spots with the public we deal with that is only human and because we are that same life form it makes for never a dull moment and mental acrobatics. Like the sails on a slope, people adjust their position by talking out of both sides of their mouths as a hedge or strategy. Is it any wonder that truth is a rare element in conversation, reporting the news in one sound bite often taken out of context and misconstrued?

     It can be dangerous to draw conclusions with little information but it always boils down to doing the best with what you have and always, always gleaning and using the two ears and one mouth you have to gather the truth. As I get older, I enjoy more and more blunt, quick to the point people that don't candy coat it and that put it out there in black and white. Not always pretty, not always tactful. But there you have it in see selling maine real estate,maine broker mooers realtydick, see jane, where is puff fashion. No dance, no game, no rubiks cube solutions to unlock the mystery with.  You can watch reality drama on the tube and when you are a professional geared to do multiple sales simultaneously, it streamlines or simplifies the process by turning down or removing all together the interference in the communication channel. Are you a shoot from the hip, avoid the rhetoric real estate communicator?

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