Maine Real Estate For Sale !


Buy A Job, Make What You Are Worth, Run A Tight, Efficient Profitable Maine Business.


Day in and day out, get up, wolf down some breakfast, watch the clock, wrestle with traffic, get to work,maine snowsledding,me snowmobiling,winter recreation come home, hit the sack.

And the next day do it all over again. Are you satisfied with your day in and day out routine at your present job? If you worry about whether you'll have a job like the Pontiac dealership employees around the world, maybe this is time for a change. Is the time to take the next life exit coming up for you? Hit the blinker to signal your intentions. Maybe the nice little town you moved to 20 years ago is not so nice anymore. That's where Maine comes in. (Tapping chaulk board with pointer).


Take out the yellow legal pad now or on your next vacation and outline the pros and cons of turning around your personal wagon train.

Life events like an elderly parent needing your attention, or kids in high school that would never forgive a move heading into their senior year kind of thing post pone the relocation or even early retirement if a golden parachute is an option for you.

     Maine has jobs, the cost of living is so much lower with smaller price tags, the 4th lowest crime statistics and the help you out, friendly attitude of the local maine real estate agency,realtor,brokerpopulation. Consider a business in Maine. Be the skipper of it whether its a collection of apartment houses you putter on, or a mom and pop grocery, or a sporting camp or downtown commercial building. And don't forget development waterfront land, or a Maine farm. Owning a business, making what you are worth, building value you are proud of and may pass on to the next generation is a win win situation. could not find a prettier state to live, work and play in all four seasons. Here are some Maine real estate options. 

Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers - Maine Is Simple Living, Fewer But Friendlier People, 4 Season Beauty. | 207.532.6573

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Comment balloon 0 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • April 29 2009 08:01AM
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