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You Did Not Get The Listing...You Always Thought You Would. What Happened?


You were so close to snatching up that listing, you could taste it. Hungry like a Maine black bear and ready to pounce on it.

But Brand X got the listing and you thought you were a shoe in for the job. What happened? For starters, mooers realty, maine black bearremember other brokers wonder the same thing when your sign goes up and the marketing begins.  The owner could have been a family member, someone from church, and you were even promised the listing someday when the owner was ready to sell.

     Maybe the owner died and the highlights of that future listing conversation or your relationship history did not make it to the personal represenative involved.  Or one of the family members had a school mate that happens to sell real estate too and at the funeral the subject came up. Or the attorney for the estate gets a lot more business from another broker so when the family decided to sell, his influence made the scale tip in the direction away from you. 

     So why you did not get this or any listing, usually has a logical reason behind it. You want to know if possible the reasons though if you can steps are taken to lose less listings for the same reason in the future.  In the personal files of the owner in the case of a death, your propaganda thru correspondence, or refrigerator magnet  or local dominance in the market can help. If sold, sold, sold signs are everywhere on the approach of the home, the family may think you are the one to run with. Also, just because you did not get the listing, remember making the owner or their family feel they did something wrong is not going to help you. Especially when the listing runs out. You have burned your bridges as the next broker to hang his shingle on their lawn to get the place sold at a more attractive price six months or a year later. Many times whoever sold the place to the owner is the one that gets the relisting..either thru superior performance or often times by default.

     And lastly, many reposessions are relisted with anyone but the agent that had the listing prior to the derailment. A new broker is just a given for a fresh, whole new approach. Another loss of of listing could have been a call to you while you were on vacation...and you did not call right back that afternoon so the owner figured you were too busy, or not interested when in fact, you were gone on a family vacation. Some owners don't want to wait...and again, this can happen to you in your favor when the agent across town is gone for a little R & R, or getting a root canal, getting an IRS audit. Life happens..timing is everything. Your timing and the folks on the other end of the future listing! Regardless, don't take it personal when you did not get the listing you thought was a given. Maybe you were the pick of the pack, best of the bunch, cream of the crop broker for the job...but your seller does not share the same belief. And without hurting your feelings saying so, they just went a different direction interviewing other agents to find one with  a maine real estate agent logo, mooers realtystrategy and rapport that was easier to swallow and more align to their own. Unfortunately, the other broker may have raise the value expectation $50,000 which sounded great to the owner at the time. Find out what happened not during the listing term of another broker but when the opportunity presents itself down the road. Just ask them and tell them no hard feelings but you wondered why.  The answers are constructive criticism and you are in it for the long haul right? You want to know the truth and take steps to lose less listings.

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Comment balloon 7 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • March 09 2009 10:02AM
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