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Living In Neighborhoods Where Entire Households Cleaned Out In Broad Daylight.


Entire households of furnishings hauled away and no one saw it happen.

My brother who lives in maine mother moose,maine moose calvesBoxford Massachusetts told me a story about a home down the street that a moving van backed up to and in Indy 500 pit crew fashion, the contents were hauled away unnoticed. Like the Grinch that stole Christmas style. Just evaporated. Disappeared. How does this happen? In neighborhoods around Boxford where the couple both are away at work to pay that $900,000 and up mortgage, these areas are prime targets. Large wooded lots with acreage, quiet dead end streets, homes set way back from view. Loaded with lots of nice furnishings too and maybe and inside job. Where thief has knowledge of who patrols these streets. Or the home owner themselves cooked up the controlled crime. Alarms that get hacked into or deactivated from an inside job.  Not a good situation all around.

     Here's the real kicker though. After that intial shock of coming home to an empty home with only odds and ends of personal items scattered here and there, you contact the insurance company. And after about three weeks, you have a brand new set of everything thru out the home in place from insurance maine lake scene,houlton maine,mooers realtyclaim.  Then, bingo. You get hit again because the "Pirate Moving Company" like your collection in the first heist. And the second time, the stuff is even better, all brand new and along the same tastes of the first shipment.

     In Northern Maine with eleven people per square mile, that kind of operation would not happen. Why? For starters, house holds filled with items collected by "Double Income, No Kids" couples or partners do not fill secluded neighborhoods with no one home. One income families are common because the $40,000 mortgage is easy to handle, and some one at home during the day and when kids get off the bus. Second, neighbors would get involved and you know each other. Something suspicious gets noticed and folks act on it knowing they would get the same consideration if the shoe was on the other foot. Thirdly, who is going to drive six and a half hours from Boston with today's fuel prices to help themselves to some used, not so fancy furniture? There are easier pickings right around Boston in neighborhoods where no one is home, the incomes are so much higher and the loot is more precious, easier to fence. Even burglars and thieves have a common sense, maine welcome sign,business practical side despite going to work to steal other people's treasure. 

     Another reason to consider living in smaller, friendlier rural towns where communities entertain, protect and help each other raise their families.  That's why I am lucky, privledged to live and work in Maine! People do not come and go in neighborhoods in Maine to the point that you don't even know or care to know your neighbor.  We do know who lives down the street and bump into them alot in a small Maine town at local events and thru family gatherings. Maine is the 4th lowest crime state too! We don't steal other's people property they worked so hard to buy and want the same treatment in return.

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