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Rewarding Poor Behavior OR Don't Hurt Jimmy's Feelings..Take Your Pick.

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Usually I blog on what Aroostook County offers, throw in a few property descriptions and videos and just keep feeding the blog pipeline with helpful information. But sometimes (stepping on soap box) after hearing debate on what's wrong with the world, etc, it is time to throw in another perspective.

This one involves your kids.  Take Little Jimmy, full of energy, bright eyed and bushey tailed but far from a saint.  How do his parent's handle  the situation when he brings home a failing grade, or continues to not pick up after himself or is caught lying, stealing, cheating? Do they ignore the problem and say boys will be boys? Do they lock him in his room and send him to bed without supper? Do they pray about it? Do they worry about his feelings and crushing his ego by taking away privledges? Do they ask him nicely to just stop the negative behavior and think there..that'll get postive results? Do they call Nanny 911? The bible says "fear of the Lord" is the beginning of wisdom but does Little Jimmy fear anything, respect anything or anyone? Does he have clear consistent boundaries and his parents practicing what they preach?

     Are the parents even in the picture or is the young lad left to live by his own devices grow raising himself or with the aid of another brother or sister that takes on the responsibility? My fear if Little Jimmy can test, retest, and test again until he passes the test and then gets promoted to the next level in his education, how is that real world? The teacher may be relieved to push him along on the educational conveyor belt.  Self confidence, encouragement are important to the development of tomorrow leaders. But if Little Jimmy can do no wrong, and his parents do not back up the school bus driver, the coach, the teacher, how is he made accountable for his own actions?

     The current debate on the way to right the national economy does not address the root of the problem.  If banks want to rid themselves of bad loans or what they prefer to call "sour assets" is the US government that is not known for running a tight fiscal ship in the position to take on that responsibility? Or should the assets be sold to the highest bidder in the real world by the bank left holding the hot potato? Do you keep paying wall street bonuses and hide them in the stimulus bill? Do you subsidize $75 an hour auto workers by funding that level of pay when there are workers happy to have a job for $9 an hour? Maybe make the car where it is cheaper to live and folks are not taxed to death? Is that real world, tough love or just plain heartless? In the case of auto makers who are struggling or banks that are up against it, why are they? If you run a tight business, are careful on your purchases, provide quality service, have employees with a good work ethic, and are consistently helpful with your customers, you should stay in business. But if you do not change with the market conditions and buyer's demands for a product or service and keep doing things day in and day out like you did twenty years ago, you will not stay in business. Simple economics 101.  I am fearful that Little Jimmy if maine potato picker, maine youth harvest workers,mooers realtynot taught the word no, if not showed respect for his and others people's properties and feelings, and not made to work, how is he going to fit into the work world of tomorrow? If he text messages thru out the day, take and makes numerous personal calls, does not show up to work on time and wants to leave early and wants special treatment from you the boss, what does his future look like?   If he thinks you are lucky to have him on the team and really thinks he is an asset to the operation what is going to happen to your company? If he does not get special privledges ...the kind he got from everyone else during his childhood from people that were concerned about hurting his feelings and damaging his ego, can you bite the bullet and fire him or do you wait until they paddle lock the doors? What's better for the nation and Little Jimmy in the long run? 

The country has some tough decisions everyone is not going to like but our leaders need to make them. Trying to be the good fellow and make all happy is not real world, is not "life". I am glad I live in a small town where folks care about each other, where we help each other but are brought up to stand on our own two feet, and not with a hand out.  Northern Mainer's are not sitting back hoping or expecting the government to fix everything. Government's past fixes have not been stellar or reflective of the real world of living within our means like we were taught to do growing up in Aroostook County. 

When the money dries up, then does everyone abandon the "got to have everything, and have to have it now" mentality? No more bandaids on bullet wounds...does this sound common sense? Watch the video below where kids in Northern Maine are taught work ethic, the value of a dollar, the discipline of chores, employment and helping families by buying their own winter coat,etc. Harsh or making the child into an independent, self sufficient happy adult aware of how the world is run? You take better care of things you buy with your own money, and with funds you did hard manual labor to earn. Approaching 200,000 ActiveRain points and thought this is something from the heart that needed to be said.

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