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(Drumming Side Of Coffee Can Filled With Grain) Here Sirloin, Rump Roast...You Too London Broil.


You used to work in corporate America. Driven, obsessed, the top of your game.

A tiger in your profession. Well known, intense, consumed. But as you approach houlton maine farm, winter me farmthe half century club on your birth certificate, you decide to downshift your life. To slow it down and change the scnery 180 degrees. Your brother Bob thought you were crazy when you first brought up the subject of selling out, moving to Northern Maine to own a patch of dirt.

     A farm that was pretty much self sufficiency living, self sustaining. Or as close to that goal as you could get. Luckily, your wife was on the same page and ready to shake up the life that was full of material goods...but lacked the healthy, down to earth values both had been brought up with. Besides good physical exercise on the farm every day, the awareness of those sunrise coffesss after graining, watering, haying the cows, horses and small critters just plain "clicked" with you. What was missing and a new life direction came out of those early mornings in the barn where the only sound was the barn cat chasing a mouse, the animals munching on what you provided for breakfast.  No traffic whizzing by this dead end road farm spread. Heck maine haying, me farm imagethe town you live in has only one traffic light.

      Small town community involvement came with the move too. In a bedroom community outside Houlton ME with a population of under 1000, you and your wife help the local church put up Christmas dinner packages. You coordinate the "wish tree" where an anonymous child with just their age and if they are a boy or girl is indicated for townspeople to take under their wing to shop for this Christmas.

     You coach a little league team, a local hockey team and share the experiences learned with your own kids. Kids that are scattered around the country. And at first stratched their heads about the pack it up, head to Maine trek when you and your wife first broached the subject a holiday not long ago.

Your grandchildren spend summer helping Grampy, Buppy, Bumpy or whatever they nick name you.

They learn to help in haying, how to drive farm machinery and what real work is. Nana teaches those same kids about flowers, cooking, riding horses. And fills in the family history about what their parents were like when they were the same age. The kids learn about the weather, an awareness of many things in life that can not be controlled but that you work around, make the most of and accept. How to roll with it and not get all shook up. This life is not a "read thru". Your life. It is not a script someone else writes for you to follow.

     Are you in your right place? Would you like to be in an area free of crime, where you can see a sky filled with brilliant stars at night?

Would you like a 50, 150, 300 acre back yard?

Would you enjoy heating with wood primarily that came from your own woodlot? Eating food you grew, collected, stored for the winter months. And the "tire" around your waist from fast food, the "western diet" of all the wrong items eaten on the run suddenly disappears? Heck, you and your wife are in the best physical, spiritual, mental shape you have ever been in Maine. Maine, breathe a deep breath of fresh air. See how blue blue is in a sky colored deeply, richly, completely. It's simpler here, uncomplicated. Slow down, start living in Maine. Check out our ME farms for sale in Southern Aroostook / Northern Maine. And we just happened to know of one farm in particular to spot light in Linneus Maine, a bedroom community near Drews Lake that is roughly 9 miles from Houlton Maine, the County seat for Aroostook on the New Brunswick Canada border. Ask questions..lots of questions. Watch a ME farm video. 207.532.6573. Or visit us soon to start the next chapter of your life. MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street, Houlton ME 04730 | 207.532.6573

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